FP1 broken after 4.5 years. So sad!

Hi all,

on last Wednesday evening it happened: I was reading news on my FP1 using the the FENNEC browser, when suddenly signs and also complete words on the screen disappeared, parts of the screen started to flicker, and so on… A hard reset didn’t help. Maybe a defect of the GPU?

I have received the FP1 in Jan 2014, never installed any google-Apps or others from the google store (all you need is on F-Droid!) and was really happy with it during the last 4.5 years!

Whatever is the reason for the malfunction… As there is no longer any support for the model FP1 I had to realize that it is finally broken and I will need a new phone. Maybe a FP2 (the google-free OS is really a good argument for it)…

Bye, Hakan

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Give it one more try: Maybe it’s just a connection problem between display and motherboard? Loose display connector?

(Please pay attention to the black i-note in step 18 of the display assembly instructions should you try it).

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I guess, to have a new phone with a more recent Android version is really a good idea. Furthermore, I would have to look for a replacement battery for my FP1 (I have already read the discussions regarding this issue in this forum).

On the other hand, it’s maybe worth a try. The instructions on iFixit seem not to be too complicated. However, I even don’t have suitable screwdrivers at the moment… Maybe I will give it a try during my next holidays.

Many thanks for your reply!

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Perhaps you are living in a country with a Fairphone Angel. Have a look at the map Fairphone Angels.

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