FP1 becomes veeery slow, loses connection etc

my FP1 (about 3 years old) becomes more and more unusable. Typing or starting an app sometimes takes 10-20 seconds to react. From time to time (1-2x per day) it logs off from the providers. Every few weeks it “forgets” all contacts from a exchange server, only those on SIM stay visible. Strangely, the emails from the same exchange server are visible all the time, but contacts and calendar items disappear. It also becomes quite hot when charging or during phone calls - it was not so bad before!

I have a gratis anti virus tool (avira) installed and some simple apps - reading spiegel.de, train connections. I use it mostly for communication (mail, contacts, calendar).
Any ideas what is the reason? Does anybody else have the same problems? Are there similar problems with FP2?

Cause of the fair company policy I would prefer to buy a FP2, but usability is very important to me. A fair, but unusable tool is not what I need. Other companies offer system updates every month…

If I remember correctly @Stefan solved the same issue with a #dic:hardreset (deletes all your data, so make a #dic:backup first). I don’t know if the other issues are related, but a hard reset should get rid of pretty much all issues caused by software.
Of course there could also be a hardware issue. If the hard reset doesn’t help then I’d next try opening up the phone and try to carefully clean the insides and see if anything looks damaged.

This is probably not responsible for all your issues, but anti virus programs are known to cause more issues than benefits.

Similar problems can happen with any device. With the FP2 it might be easier to fix though if it is a hardware issue.

…until G%§$e stops providing security updates for android versions that G%§$e decides your phone doesn’t support.


Have you got an FP1 or an FP1U? Do you get storage warnings on your phone? If you have an FP1 with a storage split into an “internal storage” and a “phone storage”, you need to do the Storage Upgrade to gain more wiggle room for your apps. However, that requires a backup (and perhaps a hard reset) first as well.


Thank you for the fast response. I needed some time to think it over, but OK, at last I performed a factory reset and installed all apps except antivir again. At the moment the reactions seem to be OK.
can you recommend to live without an antivir on the FP? On a PC, I would never dare…
Is it already known how long there will be updates and support for FP2? And is a FP3 planned?

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Thanks for the hint, but this was not the issue in my case. I tried a factory reset…

Well it’s not really safe to use the FP1 anymore because there are no more security updates, but afaik most antivirus apps for android introduce more security risks than they fix. Just stay away from shady things that could be virus-infested (don’t open email attachments from strangers, don’t browse untrustworthy websites and don’t download random apps).

No, If FP2 is stuck on Android 6 official security updates won’t be provided for a very long time anymore, but afaik FP is working on an upgrade to Android 7. Unlike with the FP1 I’d guess they would continue to provide spare parts for the FP2 even if they are not able to officially support it with security updates anymore. It’s very easy to install an alternative OS on the FP2 and get security updates at least for a bit longer. Also I hope they have a bit of a financial cushion now for continued hardware support.

The last official infos (here, here and here) are from May '17 and are not very specific. No news since then.


I also don’t have an antivirus app installed. Android’s security model has been very different to Windows’ so generally they say Android is less vulnerable. Of course it’s also true that Google has stopped providing security updates for Android 4.2. which was the last officially supported operating system by Fairphone.

In general I can recommend this community guide and by following it, you should be relatively secure:

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