FP1 battery - different producer?

As fairphone stopped the production of the FP1 battery - has anyone experiences with a battery from a differend brand, that could fit into and work with the FP1? :disappointed:


AFAIK not without modifying the battery which is dangerous.

Oh, Anna, are you sure they stopped FP1 battery production ? … or just waiting for a delivery. … I am also in need of a new battery and it would be a pity to buy a new FP2 only due to non available FP1 battery … policial correct would be offering spare parts as long as running … looking forward to a reply by the support team I already addressed my request to. b.rgds

Hey Annette, I sent e request to FP an got this answer:

“Unfortunately all production and/or manufacturing of FP1 parts have stopped. The reason for this is that we have been facing some challenges in getting new parts produced. Setting up a new production line with a new production partner is always challenging, especially since we require relatively small production quantities (compared to industry standards and our own initial production volumes).”


Thank you for sharing this, @Anna_Schulze! This officially means that FP1 is being phased out and that a failing battery is the definite end of any FP1, even if all other parts are still intact.

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These are bad and frustrating news… I thought with the production of FP1 batteries at the same producer of FP2 batteries that should be not the problem for some time…
So at my point of view the long support of FP1 failed…
If you want a long lasting phone, it’s better to buy a used famous one, to have good spare part options…


This is a scandal! I will think about to make it public! Fairphone is one of biggest jokes in sustainability.
My FP1 is about 3 years, it would work very fine, but a need a new battery!
I am really angry abot this behaviour, this has nothing to do with fair !


And what do you think Fairphone could do against it? Build an own factory to manufacture Fairphone 1 batteries for lifetime? They are the victim, too!

You do not have to. This is a public forum.


Hi Anna, thanks for your reply. … same “standard-information” I received officially as well.
So. If Fairphone is talking about stustainability - they at least should LIVE it - otherwise, we, the pioneers FP1, why should we stay with FP … this then may happen as well to a “potential new FP product” from today to tomorrow.
At least they should recommend “available other non-FPbrand-batteries” working properly in FP1. - or FP should offer a reasonable discount to FP1 users shifting to FP2… = my proposal. (regretfully this does not help us out of actual squeezing situation)


Do you care more for sustainability or for the discount (money)?

Frankly speaking, I prefer continueing my FP1 … - actually it seems w/o success. I am just wondering whether chairmen of FP are aware that this = non availability of battery FP1 = is damaging their own goals = sustainability and a modular constructed mobile phone.
At least I wished to receive a reasonable solution of current bad = non-having-workable-mobile-phone situation.

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The reason why I asked is: It does not make any sense to produce new batteries for Fairphone 1 when the operating system cannot be upgraded. That, unfortunately, might just be the case…

So, when we are talking about sustainability, do you think it was sustainable if the world sits on a load of batteries just a few Fairphone 1 users might need? Many of the early adopters do not even own a Fairphone 1 anymore.

And one more thing to add: Batteries age with time, while other spare parts do not.

I know it might be sad news for you, but I am a realist. (At least that is what I think about myself. :wink: )

Dear Gerry, thanks for your feedback.
Of course, in general I agree with you.
Nevertheless, w/o a warning to cut customers from using their FP1 phones - this is not the way, I understand a fair B2C business.
As I said, a clear communication on time with a reasonable offer to FP1 users for shifting - this would have been nice …
… and at the end of the day it is just another company earning only money - I may misunderstood the meaning of social responsibility.
And not everybody can afford to spend abt 500€ to buy FP2 - just due to a non-working battery FP1.


There was a rather clear communication in time and it offered a discount on refurbished FP2s. Read more about it here: #fp1openletter

I’m closing this as the discussion doesn’t fit here, and besides we have had it a lot already on the forum.