FP1 Android 4.4.4 (no Google) Short and long distance Service Apps don't work anymore

Hey Fairphoners,

I kindly want to ask for help or advice for the topic above.

Since today I can’t use any of my apps to check the “Öffentlcher Nahverkehr München” as well as “Deutsche Bahn”.

I checked Öffi, Transportr and some other apps. Strangely enough some networks (e.g Ingolstadt, Berlin …) do work - but Munich and DB don’t.

Does anyone have the same issue?

Any ideas for help?



I probably can’t really help, but maybe others get an idea if you specify a little more what “I can’t use” means.
Did the apps disappear? Do they not start at all? Any specific function that doesn’t work (silently or does it return an error message instead of the desired result)?

It might be a good idea to contact the companies and describe your problem. They should have more insights than a smartphone user community. Maybe there is a general - temporary? - problem that affect more than just Android 4.x on an FP1.


Thank you for your reply so far.

“I can’t use” means: All the mentioned apps start and work with in some areas (e.g Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Berlin …) but after choosing München and typing in astreet-name, no station suggestions pop up - almoust as if there is no internet-connection to a server…
(But there is such a connection when looking for stations e.g. in Berlin)

But I will take your advice and write to MVG and DB to ask for their opinion.

Ok some update:

  1. After trying “MVG Fahrplan Info” in various versions I got a notification from the app itself that they (MVG) will update some security things with their software and therefore in middle of july I will not be able to use the app

  2. After trying “Öffi” in various versions I got a “SSL-Problem” Screen saying:

Die Sicherheits-Konfiguratin des Servers ist fehlerhaft:
javax.net.ssl.SSLProticolException: SSL handshake aborted:ssl=0x624884a0: Failure in SSL library, … … …

The SSL-Problem sounds like a real show-stopper.

“SSL” basically refers to encryption of data that is transmitted between an app and the corresponding servers. There are different versions and older ones at some point become obsolete because either someone found a way to break the encryption or new hardware becomes so fast that the encryption cannot withstand an attack.
And in addition there are so-called “root certificates” in the operating system that are mandatory for this encryption but which have an expiry date.

So what might have happened is that either the server no longer allows old versions of “SSL” or that the relevant root certificate on Android 4.4.4 has expired.
Those would typically get updated with the OS but there are no OS updates for the FP1 anymore.

There are some older topics about SSL that are somewhat similar

Not sure if that makes it a hopeless situation but if it can be fixed it won’t be too end-user-friendly.


Yes I can understand what you are explaining to me - without having your knowledge I suspected something like this.

For now I have found an old version of a “MVV App” which is very, very unhandy but working at the moment by showing me connections for short distance service of Munich.

Is the situation hopeless? :smiley: I am afraid to say, that the day might come, when it becomes impossible for me to use my FP1 as a daily mobile phone :-/

The sad thing with this is that I hardly need any fancy functions on it - but as you mentioned: no lokal area service is a show stopper - hopefully the “MVV app” works as long as possible…

Do you think it would make sense to try (this is probably not easy) to contact Andreas Schildbach (-> Öffi)?
If the problem refers to an old version of “SSL”, could he solve this for his Öffi version for 4.4.4 devices?

That’s the problem with ‘old’ phones, that are no longer supported. With missing security updates, they are becoming more and more unsafe. The app developers therefore stop the support too, for good reasons and must not change their apps, as that would probably harm the security of the app on still supported phones too.

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I try to summon it up as far as I understood you:

“Deutsche Bahn”, “MVG München” have changed their security protocols which causes all Apps trying to connect to their severs to errors because although these Apps are programmed for Android 4.4.4 the targeted servers don’t support these version any more.

The “MVV München App” I found, only works as long as they (MVV München) keep their old (unsafe) protocols for their servers.

It is the same reason, why I am able to use every App without any problems in Berlin, Ingolstadt, Augsburg, because the companies there still use protocols which allow Android 4.4.4.

Did I get it right? :slight_smile:

If so: What a pity for me that the IT-guys in Munich are that busy and foresighted :smiley:

Well, it is just an assumption, but yes, you got it right.

Yes it is - anyways thank you for your time and explanation :slight_smile:

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