FP1.8.5 Kola Nut OS update not working, google broken


Every time I try the FP updater, it downloads Kola Nut then goes back to the update screen - It never installs. But, everything that’s related to google has broken - so something happened?! and the google installer is grey, doesn’t work…

I’ve followed this:

It says my current OS is Cherry 1.6
Is there something inbetween I need to install?

My clock is also stuck 6 hours ahead; I have a permanent extra “home” time next to the wrong time.
Apparently there should be an option re. “network selected time”, but that’s not visible in my clock settings.


Any input much appreciated :smile:

I would always recommend to manually update the Fairphone OS, i.e. download the update file to your computer, transfer it to your SD card and then install the update through recovery mode of your FP. Described in detail here:

Please note that the installation files are different for FP1 without unified storage and for FP1 WITH unified storage and FP1U.

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Before you try the manual installation give the updater one more chance but first go to settings > developer options and tick “stay awake”. Then update with the phone plugged in. That usually does it.

Afterwards you can reinstall google apps through the updater app.

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