FP working on camera app upgrade?

… so after Android 12 is being rolled out, is FP also working on improving their camera software? I mean like within the next let’s say 2 months or so?

I have a FP4 since June 2022 and unfortunately I’m not very happy with it. I have issues with the camera (like many others in this forum) be it when taking photos or videos, EIS does not work, the video sound is terrible … And now also GPS is failing frequently since a few weeks.

I was hoping Android 12 would bring improvements, so I didn’t sell it yet … But I’m still disappointed, camera software is still shit and GPS is still failing …

So anyone knows if there will be an update on the camera software very soon? If not, I will sell and stop spending any more time with this phone.

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You will have to ask Fairphone about this.

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