"FP: We like to ask a few questions" - Sure, but where?

Today a notification appeared on my FP4, something along the lines of “FP: We’d like to ask you a few questions”. Well yes, why not?

I guessed it’s the phone’s FP app which spawned this, but when I clicked on the notification (expecting it to open a dialogue of sorts), it just vanished. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So I fired up the FP app itself, went through the whole login process, again (my next password will be “1234” :angry:), but all this utterly useless piece of code had to offer was my C02 emissions! (And it doesn’t take “no” for an answer: I already told it I don’t care, but it does nevertheless repeat the question every time …)
I thought this app was some kind of an intermediary between the phone’s users and the Fairphone company, but I was clearly wrong. It’s a (bad) joke. :angry:

Anyway. What did I miss? Is there some way to get to this questionnaire/survey/whatever it is/was? I do want to help, but for this FP needs to want to be helped…

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