Fp updater does not work

My fp is not updated any more. 16.12.0 is installed. Stopping and restarting the updater does not solve this issue. Can I savely delete the updater’s cache and data? Or how can this be fixed?

Deleting the updater’s cache and data shouldn’t cause any problems. Hopefully doing that will solve the issue. Also, make sure you’re connected to a wifi network - the updater doesn’t normally work over mobile data.

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Unfortunately deleting the cache and data and starting the updater again does not solve the issue. So it seems that I have to install 17.03.0 manually. Where can I download it? Thank you in advance for your help.

Found the link for the download

For reference: FP Open OS can be downloaded here:


Re: Fp updater does not work/ root cause

Well, for whatever reason “medienspeicher, download manager, downloads” had been blocked by the fire wall installed - thanks to my 15 years old daughter. After enabling firewall “passthrough” again the updater continued to function like in the past.

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