FP Security Updates need to be more frequent

I don’t really get this friction. We have expectations for this role right? That’s how it usually goes with any position. So if we (yes we, as a community) want a community manager, what are our expectations? Then FP may evaluate that and see if they can meet that. Otherwise we’re just asking for a label, but not what it would mean for us. They can assign e.g. Rea to that role and continue as usual, because there is no context to the role if we don’t communicate any requirements.

We already have changelog posts, if we could add bi-monthly or quarter-monthly community communication to that, then that would be great! But then we do need someone who knows what the community is up to in that time frame between the updates. Then we’re talking about FTEs on FPs side. I rather save FP those resources by just use the FP Angels to communicate the temperature of the community, so that FP can just respond to that. Everyone happy and at minimum cost for FP.

Some topics that could be covered by this at the moment would be:

  • Android 12 update - progress report
  • Camera improvements, possible roadmap and sneak peaks into development
  • Top 5 issues known at FP support and how they approach that, which hopefully includes the microphone quality during calls/hands free/video recordings/native sound recording app

But we digress a bit too much. Maybe it’s best to split these comments into a new thread.


Asking you, not to speak on my behalf when you talk about expectations and requirements towards Fairphone (as we includes myself) is not a friction and just another opinion.

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When I say we, I mean we as a community. Not you and me, or just you.


RE: Angels

As one I do not, never have, nor imagined that I am a bridge to Fairphone.

We ~ No

Apart from @yvmuell’s note that you do not speak for her, neither do you for me, then it seems rather fractious to use the word ‘we’ implying that’s an angel’s desire. It maybe that some individuals want to be mediators between Fairphone and the forum users, but again I think Yvmuell has indicted that it would require some sort of contract which is another burden on Fairphone.

You may be better off presenting your case to Fairphone than voicing your ideas on the forum, at least in the first instance.

I am not into lobbying Fairphone to do what I want, but if I thought I had a ‘good’ idea I would run it by them first and then see if there are users that would like to take on such a role.

I have no desire for the enhancement of the ‘we’ as I don’t think, in the way you present it, would be practical or useful


I’m just venting proposals. I’m not stating facts. I think I’ll just sit back and see how this conversation about this suggestion plays out. Which wasn’t mine by the way, just trying to shape it into more details with suggestions. But maybe I don’t write proper English today :nerd_face:

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This is nitpicking. What are you suggesting to improve the current situation and to address the points that @UPPERCASE outlined above?


Maybe you could be clearer about your nitpicking.

Many people are not happy with the effciency of support but asking Fairphone to do more would seem pointless tiven that will load them with more tasks.

Fairphone is a ‘small’ company and maybe some of the buyers missed that when purchasing and clearly some of the forum users want Fairphone to step to demands.

It seems not just unrealistic to expect, but almost cruel to ask, they are people like you and me and are no doubt doing want they can.

So maybe a good bit of whinging here is the best, but can be a bit of a downer.

As regards UPPERCASE’s points, I wouldn’t spend my time on them, but do respond to the users who clearly want something.

All I can offer is to repsond to the posts in recognition of the demands so as not to ignore the issues, but resolving why someone is unhappy with another is a different matter.

My unhappiness is not down to what others do but to how I react.


What is unrealistic to expect from a small company? Communication about the state of software development for one of their phones? Are you joking, mate?


Yes ~ unrealistic it seems. I’m sure they would if they thought it beneficial to the business.

Absolutley no joke. They may not be up to the demands of voices in this topic which are even less funny.

I get on with my work, I don’t give people updates untill the updates are ready, not when various people want updates on my progress it just slows me down. OH! and have you noticed one query leads to another ~ hence this post ~ can you imagine.


Absolutely anything apparently. Absolute shite communication seems to be a requirement for a company releasing a smartphone and I’ve never quite understood why.

I wish that wasn’t the case, but here we are with 8 months old bugs with no update whatsoever on when if ever they will be fixed. Oh well.

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As in
night, dark, occult, non existant
rather than
brown, muck, cloudy and rotten

No news is ‘good’ news as in not ‘bad’ news ???

Personally, I find both to be applicable to Fairphone and every other OEM for that matter. I would say “no news” definitely feels more like “bad news” to me. I get email updates from my email host every 6 months or so, and I think sending an email every 6 months should be doable for Fairphone.

My understanding is that Fairphone outsourced the software development of the FP4 and honestly I wish they hadn’t. Maybe Fairphone is just as clueless about the development as we are?

The easier it is to give some highlights of what they’re working on, right? I think it’s not unreasonable to expect more communication. Which can be fine tailored if some people communicate the temperature of the community. Saves them time, and improves the context of the update to what’s on the community’s mind. In the end, they save themselves time. Who knows how many people bother support with repeating questions about Android 12, planned camera improvements, microphone issues and whatnot. I think there is more to gain then to lose by adding some more community communication. They will enable all the active users here to link to an answer, rather than using #contactsupport in every reply…

Communication is always the key part, both in a professional as well as in a personal capacity. They do quite a good job already with their social media posts, video’s, Q&A’s and as I mentioned the trusted members meetup of a few months ago. That’s really special and not something you have with any other company. So, yes, they are awesome. There are just a few frustrations that seem to buildup over time but can easily be fixed.


OK folks I’m out of this topic it seems having a go at Fairphone just isn’t my idea of a Fair trade cup of tea.

May see you on the bright side of the moon.

I find it so weird that we have to contact support for every little thing, rather than them having a monthly email or something.

I went on their Twitter, and it’s mostly Black Friday stuff at the moment. I found this though: Fairphone (@Fairphone): "Hi Selma 😊 We are working towards an Android 12 update in the coming months! 💙"|Элон не цензурирует нас)

I guess we’re stuck with slow security updates until Android 12 launches, whenever that is.

I cannot open that Twitter URL, here is the original link. I truly hope we don’t have these slow updates as a regular thing to incorporate new Android releases.


Friends already make fun of my Fairphone, calling it the un-Fairphone, and to some extent, they’re right.

It’s my whole private life on that FP4 including banking apps and a work profile. Too bad black Friday is just done, the Pixel 6a was just 300 euros… If this Twitter message really means we’re still months away from an Android 12 release, then this phone is unfair to its users. Period. Then I’ll jump ship to a Pixel 6a. I cannot walk around with a vulnerable device and risk my personal data and professional reputation.


Fortunately the tweet is from October 21st, so maybe the “coming months” will be over soon™. If “coming months” means “two months”, the still have time till Christmas and make a present for many FP4 users.


Yeah but if it drops around Christmas then UPPERCASE will be 3 months behind on security updates. My understanding is that he’s upset with this primarily because it breaks some of his work apps, as they rely on up to date security updates.

Maybe going forward the security updates will be smoother, but honestly I doubt it. I would rather have them be transparent about the updates than them being on time with the updates. It’s weird that the 2 month delay on the security updates is a guess of ours, not a confirmed fact by Fairphone at this point.

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It’s still on sale on Amazon in my country. Maybe check Amazon in your country and it will be on sale there as well.

Then again, Amazon is the anti-Fairphone so you may not want to do that. I wouldn’t.

I’ll give FP another few weeks. I want their mission to succeed, but not at the expense of common sense regarding security updates.