FP Security Updates need to be more frequent

True, which is why last year I finally bought me a FP instead of yet another Samsung Note.

There were/are perks in having a Samsung, like a better hardware (camera…) and things like that.
On the other hand the advantage of going Fairphone is supposed to be the better software support (as their website promised).
It’s a “hardware/software, chose one” kind of thing, and I’m fine with that. Except of course if you start getting the same rough-and-ready software support you’d get with Samsung, but without the high-end hardware. At which point you must assume you did something wrong. :open_mouth:

It may not be realistic to expect day 1 updates, but I think having some form of communication over what is causing the hold up is doable.

I’m a beta tester and I actually have the January 5 security update… But I have no idea why there is a delay.

Maybe there’s an issue with a major carrier or something. I dunno.

Whatever it is, I think they could take 5 minutes to tell us about it.


Here’s an interesting read from 2022 about how updates work on Android.