FP powers off, wont turn on

Hi! Got my phone a couple of weeks ago. Very happy with it sofar until today. It turns itself off once every couple of hours or so and wont turn on unless I remove the battery and replace it again. I havent seen it happen and when its on it seems fine. Updated to cherry last week. Has anyone had a similar problem? How do i fix this?

Not having this issue. Have you installed certain applications since you had it. Has it done that since the beginning?

Maybe contact support, they may be able to help you fast.

Its only done this the last 24 hours or so. Only thing that happened
yesterday was that some applications including google+ were updated.

Are you using a case of some sort?

No case. It has switched off while sitting on a desk, so i dont think its something to do with handling.

(This is only a guess, it may as well have nothing to do with your problem)

What I sometimes observed (not recently, though) is that the phone may falsely seem like it’s turned off: you press its power button to wake it up from standby and nothing happens. The key here is not to press the power button repeatedly, because a second button-press tells the phone to turn its screen off again :wink: When I pressed only once and waited for ~5-15 seconds, the phone always woke up from standby.

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Hey there - I’m having the same issue. A grey empty screen appears when I try to turn it on again after it turned itself off (or went into sleep mode) automatically. And there’s nothing one can do with any button, nor the power button… press once or twice, press for a long time etc… no reaction. After a while the screen just goes black again.

What to do? I just wrote to the support team and am waiting for a reply.

Good luck to us!

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Im also waiting for a response from the suport team. Luckily my phone has
at least for now stopped misbehaving. Im keeping my fingers crossed that it
was a temporary problem.

Good luck!

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Keep us updated on this, I’d like to know what the end result it’s for you as this seems like a very odd issue

Edgar - glad your phone has stopped acting weird… that’s not the case for mine.
I basically have to reboot almost every time I want to use the phone (by pressing the power button for 5-10 seconds), so I’ve switched back to my old phone for now.

I requested help from the Support Team the 11th Sept and still waiting for a response - I guess they’re pretty busy.

Chris_R - I’ll send an update once I have news on this.

Hi! Sorry to hear your phone still is malfunctioning. I got a response from
support with the advice to do a hard reboot on suspicion of a software
issue. I have not done this as my phone seems fine for now.

So I got a response from the support team. They recommended updating to Cherry, and/or doing a hard reset.
I did both, but with no success. I am considering sending my beautiful fairphone back now.

Hi all,

I had the same problem a few hours ago. Once the phone went dark after not touching it a few seconds, I couldn’t get it to work anymore. An I had to remove the battery before I could get it up and running again.

After a problem with a flickering screen a few weeks ago, I got the advice from the support team to wipe off all the data. This worked back then, and after repeating this again today, the current problem was also solved (or it seems like it, so far).

I’m not a smartphone or android guru, but it seems that after doing some buggy updates, the phone starts to fail. I’m not sure what the update was about yesterday, but I remember confirming an update from google.

You would expect that google checks things a little bit more carefully before releasing updates, but apparently they don’t.

So my question: Is it possible to switch off automatic updating altogether and switch to manual update (but with some delay relative to the update release)? Or is this really not advisable. I’ve lost the illustion of safety in updating a long time ago…



not sure what you mean by automatic update but Fairphone does not do such thing. Perhaps you are talking about the google play strore doing updates? If so it is possible to disable automatic updating of applications on a per application basis.

It is also possible to change the Play Store settings and disable auto-update of all apps installed through the Play Store.

Quick update from my front: I did send my FP in and got a replacement sent out immediately. This one seems to work fine so far.
Good service, Fairphone Team! Thanks!

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Hi there,

Are there any further updates on this topic? I had the same issue several times a few weeks ago, but then it didnt happen for a week until today.

My wife’s first generation fairphone also does it, but not as frequently as mine, which arrived last month.
Are we all gonna have to send our phones back to be replaced?


Update here. Problem returned, worse than before. Sending it in now.

Hallo, I know there have been some similar treads, but my FP hangs up/freezes, and I can just fix it, when i take out the battery. But that happended several times (at least 10x) and I’m tired of doing that.
The phone is not completly dead, the light on the top stills works…

any suggestions?

If you know the threads, you could read them. :wink: There have been given many answers already, have you tried any of them to solve your issue?

@Tom_M I moved your post here, please read the posts above! :slight_smile: