"FP powered by android" stuck on screen after update reboot

I’ve owned this phone for 1 year and yesterday some bad stuff happened.
As it sometimes happens, it rebooted itself, but then didn’t notice my SIM card.
I rebooted it again after making sure every piece was in place and the SIM was recognized but after 4-5 minutes. Then it was all laggy.
I went to check for updates as when an update is available it often acts weird like that.
Problem is: it installed the update, the rebooted for installation.

Since then it’s locked on the beginning screen.
When I press the ON/OFF button it takes a long time and only makes it reboot after a quick vibration.
I force turned it off and waited, then waited a whole night if maybe it was taking time for the update or something, but nothing.

Any idea?

I would try to apply the update manually:

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