FP Open without root option

I am very happy with running the Fairphone 2 with FP Open, but I need to use a cooperate app (Checkpoint VPN client) that does not work with rooted devices (even though I have not enabled the “Root access” option and do not plan to do so in the future). Do you offer a version of FP Open were root access is not built in (like in the FP OS with Google Services)?

Regards, Olaf

First of all: Welcome to the Fairphone Community. :grin:

To my knowledge, FP Open is not rooted by default. You can simply install it using Fastboot, but that does NOT automatically root your device.

I think that there is an app that can “hide” the root status from antother app (e.g. your VPN-app), but I don’t know its name :confused:

Thanks for your reply. The problem is that the Checkpoint software detects the possibility to root the device, no matter whether it is active, and refuses to run.

@Olaf.H please check this guide > Level 4 > Hiding Root with Root Cloak.

Yes it is. Root is not enabled by default, but it is installed and therefore can be detected.


@paulakreuzer: Thanks for the link to your guide. Using a “Root Cloak” worked for me. I installed the “Xposed framework” with RootCloak.

The quick support I received is very much appreciated.

From my point of view, obviously it would be ideal if Fairphone would offer a version of FP Open without the Root option.

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