FP Open with Google Apps


I need now some special buisness apps from google play store but I use at this moment the FP Open.

Now I´m looking for the best way to do this.
It is a nice idea to download only the google play store app and google play service or is it better to use the Fairphone OS and deactivate all the not used google apps?

I´m not shure…


Thanks for your interest in FP Open! With the search functionality of this forum you will find several posts related to the topic of installing “non-free” apps from Google Play on FP Open. As a matter of fact it depends on the app if it will work under FP Open or not. Some apps work without problems, other have some problems caused by missing google functionality and some just don’t work. My approach is to install the Amazon app store as an alternative to GP (not the in my opinion questionable “Amazon Underground” app) so that I can install at least some non-free apps that are not on F-Droid. But you may want to check first if your apps are available on Amazon, or (what is sometimes the case) the versions hosted on Amazon are outdated.
And last, but not least: If you let us know what apps you are talking about, then people might be able to help you.

That´s like I do, but amazons app store is not like googles…:dizzy_face:

  • Lee Swatch book
  • lighting handbook
  • theatre words
  • Lee stopper exposure Guide
  • Easyjob Mobile
  • locale
  • touch osc
  • bühnenwerk
  • bridle
  • dmxcalc
  • zerOS Remote
  • vectorworks

I think that´s all :grin:

found the way with opengapps.

Thanks a lot

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That’s what I would have suggested. If you want to minimize google sniffing around on your phone you can do two things:

  • Try to disable those google apps and services that do not influence the apps you are using.
  • Install a root firewall like Afwall+ and block the google stuff and other apps that you do not need.
    If you are using both F-Droid and google play you have to be careful with updating - there are dragons:
    Google play updates ANY app that is on you phone - even those you have installed via F-Droid. The problem is that the google play versions and the F-Droid versions are different in two ways:
  • The GP versions are often “non libre” builds that make use of googles tracking libraries while the F-Droid versions don’t.
  • Once updated via GP the app has a different signature and F-Droid won’t update it unless you uninstall and reinstall it via F-Droid.
    So it is important not to have auto update enabled on google play and to carefully choose what you want to update via google play - ideally only GP itself and your business apps.
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