FP Open OS + Google Play + Emoji keyboard

Hey, I’m using my FP2 since 2 days and till yet it was nice idea to Change from iOS.

I would like to use Open OS, without typical Google Apps, but some of Apps from Google Play Store I still would need.

I have try to download Google Play Store APK and Services APK and to install them. But it’s not working…store is not opening.

Furthermore, is it possible without to install a new Keyboard, somehow to add typical whatsapp emojis to the stndard Keyboard?

My Screen is also blinking from time to time if I set on Autoadjust, I have read about this matter, that this should be Software problem…is there any solution already for this?

You will find many hints, tips, and answers here:

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About emoji keyboard, Android has one included. Just keep pressed the bottom right button (the green one) and the option shows. Then move your finger to the left while still touching the screen.

But Android’s emojis are not those you are used to: i.e. the Apple ones. You can change them with root access (which FPOS-OS has embedded) with the help of a tool such as Emoji Switcher. I opted for EmojiOne, but I installed them manually, not through Emoji Switcher.


I tried changing the emojis by hand (copy .ttf into the /system/fonts folder and rename) but all I saw were rectangles. How did you do it?

You should give the right permissions (644):

      R W X
 User X X -
Group X - -
Other X - -

You can set them with Amaze (select the file, three dots on the upper corner, Permission)

Terminal emulator way:

chmod 644 /system/fonts/NotoColorEmoji.ttf

Edit: Ah, and give the phone a reboot for the changes to be applied


Thank you. It was the writing persmission for others, that was missing.

I installed EmojiOne, but when I use WhatsApp, the direct Emoticons in the textfield look like this:

And when I use my keyboard, the emojis look like this:

Do you know why? I didn’t find any other font.ttf in the font-folder.

WhatsApp uses their own emojis (Apple’s Emoji), not system’s one.
Maybe you can change them with Xposed and some kind of layout overlays, but I’ve never tried.

The Update killed the changed Emojiis. Sadly. Have to do it all over again.

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Everything you tweak in /system will always be overwritten by updates, because the update usually wipes the /system partition and then reinstalls it.


Maybe you can benefit from the app Emoji Switcher.
I prefer to do it manually, so I’ll publish a tutorial here soon, anyway (with a semiautomated mode from a computer terminal)

Doing it with Amaze is fine with me. Emoji Switcher ist not available on F-Droid… :wink:

That’s probably because the code is available, but doesn’t include any license file, so it is technically proprietary code, :wink:

One step at a time. First I installed FP Open OS, then rooted it. Now I’m getting to know XPosed… and after that I’m starting to compile my own apks. Without this forum I’d be chained to Google.

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