FP goes wild: opens apps, types, restart etc by it self

hy there

thanks for being here, solved a few problems on the board here, newer been a contributor - so i’m very grateful this exists.

my probem is:

since a while (well maybe after i dissasembled the phone last week [not for the first time] to show someone curious whats about the modules) it starts to get really crazy.

when typing by myself it often took two or three letters, even ‘umlauts’, deletes etc. by it self.
i really have to pin point on every letter. everytime.

then sometime it’s getting really wicked: it constantly is putting information in by itself.
it even put my pin 3 times wrong a few hours before. grrr. i’d like to call that a proper nasty behaviour.

btw. open the case again and try to clean the display / cpu contact board didn’t solve the problem.

btw. is speak german, so don’t mind to answer me that way.

Hm… This sounds like Crazy Touch Inputs to me. Fortunately, I don’t have this issue, but maybe the link to the thread can help you out (if you can press on the link… ;))

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sir thanks a lot!

hmm it seems like the ghost issue, but yeah, on servel app at the same time. jumpin back an forth.
i try to make a video tomorrow and get in touch with the support.

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