FP earbuds with FP3 - left ok right dead

Hi, I’ve been using the Fairphone earbuds for just over a week now, and mostly I only wear one earbud when I go for walks as I don’t like to shut out the outside noise, and for radio (no FM on FP3 unfortunately!) and podcasts one is really ok. I use them alternately. Now I wanted to put in the right and it’s dead, no sound. left works fine. I’ve tided tapping it, reconnecting again etc, but still no sound.
I also tried it with my tablet, same thing, sound left earbud, no sound right.
Any ideas? Thank you!

(they’re in ugly green btw, I was thinking of painting them fairphone blue, but probably a bit risky with electronics…

If you haven’t done so yet, try the resetting procedure described here in the Pairing | Unpair section:


that did the trick, thank you!
So now I get sound on both earbuds or each on its own, both with fairphone and tablet. (for some reason, I can listen to most programmes / files from tablet, except Audacity. that’s a bit strange. Does anybody work with it who has a similar problem? other than that, problem solved!
Danke Urs!


Hi, the problem is back. I have done the resetting procedure about 3 times, but still the same: right earbud dead, left one ok (even if I put it in right ear). Any ideas?
Thank you!

At this point it might be time to #contactsupport?
They do have connection bugs*, but the same earbud going repeatedly silent and not wanting to come back sounds like a potential hardware problem.

*) I had once one earbud go silent after I used them, then put them both back into their case, then put them back on a little later in the same evening, but the problem went away when I put them both back into their case, switched on the phone Bluetooth off and back on again, and then put both earbuds back in my ears.
(Speaking of bugs, they recently ceased to give their “Connected!” voice message when connecting (other voice messages work as usual). They do work though. Oh well.)


OK just did. Will let you know here what they come up with.


Hi, just to let you know, after sending some photos on visually intact earbud and answering a number of questions they offered to send me a replacement which arrived in really short time! So problem solved.

Does anyone know what I can do with the old one that doesn’t work any more? Any diy people interested in it? DM me.

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