FP does not receive SMS

Several times, friends told me: I wrote you an SMS but you did not answer. After a restart of the phone i received all the messages. I had this experience five times. Nothing to do with i-message, i never had an i-phone, i read the other thread. I use the built-in app, perhaps i should change it?

By the way, while restarting i recognized that the phone does not restart while it’s connected via usb, i have to pull out the plug before.

Are you using the standard SMS app which came with the phone?

(I know of people who have had problems like this, but mainly when using TextSecure, sending messages through a data connection instead of GSM-SMS.)

Hi @Grabo

As @humorkritik suggested, try using a messaging app from the Play Store. There have been some reports regarding problems with the default sms app.

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Thank You! Do you recommand any app, available outside of Google? (I have no Google account and will never have).

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Actually, I suggested that a different app then the default app could be causing the problem. =)
@Robin, I can’t remember seeing problems with the SMS app on this forum - are the developers aware of this?

Anyway, @Grabo, you could try SMSdroid from F-Droid. Please note that I have no experience whatsoever with that app, and cannot say anything qualified about it. It just turned up when I searched for it.

There are other Android markets, some from the big guys (like amazon), some small, where you can also get other apps. If you are technically inclined, you could also compile TextSecure from the sources and try that. It has a rather wide audience by now, I think. (It’s free and open source, but not available on F-Droid.)

Oh wauw, totally misread that @humorkritik :smiley:
I remember this thread, but that’s probably something else. I though I’ve seen other threads about ‘faulty’ SMS-behaviour, but it seems I was mistaken. Ignore my response :blush:

There have been some reports about SMS-bugs and they have been reported.

I’m having exactly the same problem (not receiving SMS) but seems to be specific to i-message…if people sms me or whattsapp it’s fine…just i-message doesn’t get through

Any ideas on what I can do?

There’s still no solution, see my post of december, 2014. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Meanwhile I know that I bought a fair phone, but I also know I must live with a fault-prone machine.

You could have used the forum search (little magnifying glass on top): :wink:

I am having the same problem. I send SMS to people and think they have not replied and then they call and ask me why I am not somewhere or why I did not reply to them. This is becoming regular and really annoying. Any fixes on the horizon?!