FP does not charge

And so, the problem spotted on FP1U as well. I started using my phone a week ago, installed OS update via official tool, and everything seemed fine until today. My FP run out of battery and turned off, i connected it for charging, but it shows 5% + red indicator light, but battery is not charging. I managed to turn it on after several tries, but it’s still 5%. Right now i will try with different PCs and cables, but i saw that problem happened to quite many people with 1st serie FP1… Does anyone from the 2nd batch have this issue?

Case closed, i managed to make it charge after trying 3 different cables. One worked, while others not - if this is a cable problem, only need to be more selective. Any thoughts still welcome. Thanks.

It has been reported before that some cables do not work. Trying different cables seems to be the only solution for now. I’m closing this topic, as there are some other topics regarding this issue.