FP can not be navigated, touch screen is broken

Hi, my phone is completely broken and needs to be sent to Fairphone. i cannot make a backup because the touch screen does not work. Is there any other possibility to get to the content on the phone?

Have you ever moved files between your FP and your computer via the USB cable?

Yes we have imported photos before

What about the folders on the phone, can you still access them when you connect the phone to your computer?

No, nothing shows on the PC and we have checked in the forum about the alternative to navigate on the phone but after turning on the phone I cannot do anything else

ok, out of ideas here

What a pity. Do you know if there is an option to get in touch with Fairphone in Holland before they repair it? Because I read when they will repair it, they will destroy all data on the phone.

I have an idea but I’m not sure if it works. Only works if the screen still displays stuff but the touch doesn’t work.
Just a guess as I don’t have a FP myself to test this:

  • get an SD card for the phone
  • on the computer download some recovery software (CWM recovery or so) and put onto SD card
  • insert SD into phone
  • boot the phone in recovery mode
  • install the CWM on the phone (no touchscreen needed)
  • backup system onto SD card
  • remove SD card
  • get phone fixed
  • probably don’t need the backup because the files are still there

What do you think?

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Can we use the SD card that is already in the phone or do we need a new SD card?

To urs_lesse and Vinni: As this is the first time we are using a forum and are asking for help i think I need to reply again? We tried to download some CWM software but it’s nowhere to be found on the computer, but something else is on the PC now and I don’t know what it is because all browser windows were suddenly closed after that. Well I have no idea what happened and we don’t see a chance to save anything that is on the FP anymore. Using Android is very difficult when you have no idea about computers or mobile phones. That’s why I’m using iPhone which is really easy to use for idiots like me (I am the mother of L).

But thanks anyway for trying to help.

I was just about to write how that would be done. It surely would be a bummer if you now just got a threat for your computer. I hope that’s not the case.

I agree that using an iPhone is easier than using an Android phone or even FP. But on the iPhone you have very little what is happening under control.

I wish you good luck; maybe you can tell FP that you had no possibility to make a backup and that they may be careful. Changing the screen should theoretically not result in loss of data but I think they just wanted to make sure that noone blames FP if that happens.

If you need any more help, feel free to write again.

Thanks so much Vinni for your support and your kind message. Yes we will send Fairphone a message asking them not to delete everything if possible. As we have learned from this time, I want to learn how to make backups for the future. maybe you can still help me with that? I have just checked all my programs on the PC and what i have downloaded is called “SoftPlanet Software Assistant” When I looked up the search item CWM revovery I got to http://www.4shared.com/zip/DnJVOeMm/CWM-Recovery-RAZR-HD_6044.htm and tried the “Fast Download” which did not work and then the “Priority Download” which got me to this SoftPlanet something, I don’t know how? But would that be the right software application anyhow?

Do you know if there is an option to get in touch
with Fairphone in Holland before they repair it?

You can have a call to the Number you find under support area an ask them how to proceed. Maybe you can keep your data while repair…cheers, Robert

Thanks Robert. Regards, Laura

  1. First of all you need ADB.
  2. Then you have to download and install CWM (Clockwork Mod) for FP1 (not any other). Read carefully, what is said on this page. The link provided their doesn’t work anymore, so you need to download CWM from here (don’t click anywhere else than on cwm-fp1-kk.0.1.img).
  3. Your stock recovery will have been replaced with CWM and you’ll be able to do a full recovery to your SDcard.