FP 3 - How to backup the Android stock rom

I would like to backup the stock rom of my brand new FP 3 on my own.
I don’t trust the download links mentioned in the following guides:

Is it possible to create an image of the complete stock rom using adb and fastboot?
Or should I temporary boot a downloaded twrp image using the following command:
fastboot boot twrp.img
And once booted to this image, navigate to backup the system.
What is the recommanded procedure to create an image of the stock rom to backup the stock Android of the FP3?

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Hi and welcome to the forum

You can find the official downloads and update on the Fairphone site

Why not? They are posted by the dev of TWRP for the FP3.

That is certainly what I would do to have a full backup of my OS (excepting internal storage, but you may already know this TWRP limitation).

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