FP 3+ doesn't show files after connected to PC

My new Fairphone 3+ won’t show any files/folders when connected to my computer (which is running on Windows 10).

Here is what I did so far:

  • checked the cable (for data exchange)
  • enabled file transfer on the phone
  • tried PTP (Photo Transfer) instead of file transfer
  • cleared media storage and waited a few minutes before connecting again
  • cleared external storage and rebooted

All the above are from other threads in the forum.
For my phone (which is three days old) it remains the same: The device is recognized, but the folder is empty.

Any additional advice appreciated!

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I uninstalled MTP/ADB and all older devices and rebooted Windows. Result: The FP3+ is now not recognized at all. So I downloaded Android SDK Platform Tools as described here in the forum: USB File Transfer Mode and still no new result. So givin’ it up for now, but please still feel encouraged to reply to my question!

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Hi Cinnamon,

which folder have you found to be empty?

When I connect my FP3 running Android 10 to my Windows 10 PC and swipe down on the home screen, I get the following choices for the USB connection:

Windows explorer then mounts the FP3 and shows the internal storage and my microSD:

I can then browse the phone’s internal shared storage

and find e.g. my photos in /DCIM and my screenshots in /Pictures. As far as I can tell, only standard Windows drivers are being used:

Good luck with getting your new FP3+ (did you really receive it earlier than September 14?) recognized!

Best wishes,


Hi Thomas,

thanks a lot for your reply! Yes, I preordered the new FP3+ from a local retailer and to my surprise received it much earlier than expected.

Considering my request:
I now enabled USB debugging (through developer options) with the following results:

  • ‘File transfer’ (like in your screenshot) still won’t bring any results. Literally nothing happens, I can’t see the phone on my computer.
  • Chosing “PTP” the phone pops up on my computer, but only the SD card appears and not the internal storage.


I guess the problem is on the PC side here. Could you please try it with another Windows 10 machine?

Best wishes,


Hello Thomas,

yes that’s right. I checked with another windows 10 computer and it’s working fine.
So at least the phone is alright I guess.
Thanks a lot for your support!


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