FP 3 does not load

My FP3 is having problems loading.
The battery is not charged overnight and meanwhile cer is empty.

When I plug the phone in, the red light flashes three times and the phone vibrates briefly.
Then the screen shows “FAIRPHONE” and then “1% charge, please do not unplug”.

This has been going on for quite a long time. I have taken the battery out of the phone for some time and used different cables.

Does anyone have any advice?

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Welcome to the forum though not on a happy note.

There may be an issue with translation what ‘cer’ is empty?

Have you seen other posts for example.

Noting you have used other cables but not if you have tried a new charger.
Another issue maybe dirt in the usb port which may be difficult to see and may be a thin coating on the pins causing resitance.

Please contact Fairphone a soon as possible to be on the safe side as it may be a module fault. You have a warranty for 2 years

Yes, it’s an issue with translation.
“Cer” does not make sence.
The Battery is empty now.

Yes, I read a lot of other posts.
I think, the special with my case ist the circle of “Blinking red light and Vibration, Boot-Screen, Loading screen with 1%”

Have you checked other sites? Here’s one that mentions Huawei etc.

When you say circle of do you just mean the little led or is there some on screen warning?

I mean the small LED.

Circle meant. Three steps again and again and again.

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