FP 3+ Charging stops / Charger connection lost?

Hi all!
I have tried to find my specific charging issue in the other posts but haven’t found my specific issue seen described, so wanted to ask here:

I bought my FP 3+ approy half a year ago directly from Fairphone website.

Last night my FP 3+ seemed to not charge anymore. This morning, battery was down to less than 20%.

After some fiddling with several charging cables, all showing the same issue, I found and tried the Battery Status Test. This is what happens:

I plug in the charging cable.
Phone vibrates, charging symbol appears, yellow light goes on.
Battery Status Test says: Status charging.

After a minute or so, the yellow light turns off, but the charging symbol stays on.
Battery Status Test says: Plug in charger.

If I take out the cable, and re-insert, it happens all over again.

It charges normally in the moments it charges, I’ve gotten it back up to 50+% by just constantly re-inserting the cable.

What can be done to resolve the issue so it charges normally, please?

Could it be a setting issue? Max temperature of battery?

Things I’ve done without change to result:

  • lint scraped out of charging port, there was none
  • Tested several charging cables and charging plugs and through laptop, all showing the same issue
  • taken battery out and put next to phone for over an hour before re-inserting and trying again. Each time it showed a couple more battery charge % higher than previously


Hi @franziskagoetz Welcome to the forum

Your problem does seem difficult, ensure your OS is the default and uptodate.

Take screen shots of the battrey status when charging and when disconnected and get in touch with Fairphone support with all the info.

You can also dismantle the modules and replace them as there may be a contact issue between the bottom module with the port and the core module that controls the charging

Thank you, Amoun!
I sent the above message to Customer Support. Hopefully they have an idea :slight_smile:

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hi! I have the same problem as you, have you managed to solve it?
If yes, how?
Thanks for your answer
have a nice day!

Hi Antoine welcome to the forum

Could you please explain what you have tried as it is not a simple problem as it relates to what efforts you have put into trying to resolve it.

Hi, thank you for your answer.
First I’m ordering a new charger cable on the Fairphone’s site because the one I used since I’ve bought my FP3 seems to be broken. So I hope this will solve my problem.
I have the same problem as Francisca with a friend’s charger.
I’ve tried to take the battery out and putting it back, I’ve cleaned the USB port of the phone and nothing changed.

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