FP 2 won't download apps or update apps


My FP2 wont update apps or download new ones. It says “pending/waiting/downloading” (I don’t know the exact words in English as my mobile is set to another language) and it’s doing this for hours but nothing happens. I used to be able to manage these kinds of things but then suddenly I cant any more.

  • My internet isn’t bad/slow - I can still download songs trough Spotify, watch videos on Youtube and search the internet quickly. Internet is not wifi but data I pay for monthly and I always have plenty of data to use.

  • There is plenty of space on both the mobile and an extra SD card.

  • I’m using Google Play Shop (Google app, a triangle with mostly light blue and green, yellow and red) and the settings allow the app to download updates on any network.

  • I believe the FP2 is updated (OS 18.04.1)

Does anybody know what this is about? Is there some setting that regulate this (that I have missed)? Lies the problem within the Play app from Google or some setting on the FP2? I would be so grateful for any advise on this!

Thanks /Jenny

Hi Jenny,
First check in Play Store: Settings-> Automatic App-Updates (Wifi or Mobile Network)
Did you change your Google-Password lately ? Maybe Play-Store can’t connect, because you have change it.
Also you can check if Play Store is up to date: Settings -> Play Store-Version

Good Luck !

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I have the same problem. I don’t find the settings when I open the google play store app. and it’s the same with other apps. I don’t know where to find what is my version of the app and where I can update it if needed. The same with the androïd version : I can look at the latest version but I see nowhere how to update it.

You can find the settings left next the search toolbar, when you open the app.

And you can update it, when you tip on “Play Store-Version”.

I will first check how is set the “Auto Apps-Update”.

Thanks for all the suggestions, i tried to try them all but turned out the only way to get around this was to reset the mobile to default settings, apparently some bug with the google account/play app…

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