FP 2 went off and never went back on


maybe anyone can help me with a problem I have with my FP2.

I have replaced my buttom module and battery in january 2020.
Some weeks ago, I used my phone just until the battery died.
Ever since, the red LED goes on, when being charged, but turns of after about a minute. The phone does not turn on anymore.

I have tried several chargers and replaced the battery and bottom module to clean the inside. Also tried the old battery and bottom module, but still the phone did not turn back on.

Best regards

How long have you been trying to charge it? When a battery’s fully depleted, it can in some cases take an hour of charging (or more) for the phone to be able to turn back on.


And make sure you let the battery charge – as @robbert.f describes – when the phone is switched off.


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