FP 2 doesn't connect to bluetooth speaker

My FP2 does connect well to the car radio, but I have problems to connect it to other devices. It recognizes the bluetooth speaker not by its name but by a kind of code 4F:EC:58:79:8A:22. Howerver, the correct name is BUYMORE. Same problem if I try to connect the FP2 to a tablet. It shows a different kind of code an stops the pairing, because of wrong or missing pairing code.

This “code” is the hexadecimal bluetooth address of the device.
When I want to pair with a new device, it always shown first. Later it converts to the the “normal” name, but I don’t remember if it does so after tapping on the hex address in order to pair, or just by waiting long enough…

Perhaps looking at this thread gives you a clue.

Yes, I looked at this topic, too. However, the comments come down to discuss the problem how to connect to earphones.

Ok, it works now. One has to try again and again. Then, after pairing is completed and a few more tries to get a proper connection, music appears.

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