FP 2 does not start again after update

Yesterday I downloaded the new Fairphone II Update (directly on the phone, not via computer). After that I did the requested new start. Then “Fehler” (failure) appeared on the display for a short time. Then it changed to a black display, with “Fairphone” on it (like the start display). Nothing moves, and the phone doesnt start. I can only stop it by removing the battery. When I want to start the FP II again (with the battery inside), its the same situation.

Maybe the battery was a problem during that process. At the beginning there was enough battery. Later not. So I charged the phone completely again. If I charge it now, there is a green light. So I guess the battery is complete now.

This year I bought a new bottom module, so that should not be the problem.

I already spent lots of time at the Fairphone Forum and at different Fairphone helping sites, but I could not fix the problem yet. Do you have an idea? I really would be very grateful for that, since I dont want to lose all my stuff and numbers! Thank you very much in advance!

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