✏ FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist

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let out your inner nerd… :smiley:



It would be nice to improve the loud speaker and make it more loud. The current maximum volume is not really loud and not efficient in noisy environment.

The value in /etc/mixer_paths.xml is 87 by default. I tried to increase it to 92 but the sound quality is lower. So I guess it’s a hardware limitation.


I’d wish for them to port new chipsets to the phone and different displays like 18:9 display etc to make it more interesting for the consumer to make their own phone. Then if I wanted to make my phone have better chipset or better display , I could buy the latest module instead of buying a new phone for instance. IF such a thing is implemented, I will buy the phone instantly!


Different displays is hard I think… I mean the size of the display is pretty much the size of the hole device … different resolutions would be possible… for me the fairphone is allright :slight_smile: not perfect but for now I couldn`t wish more :slight_smile:


About the covers, the original transparent one was looking really great, showing what makes FairPhone so special.
Such a pity that those covers were not strong enough.
Is there any chance to do the “slim” covers with a transparent material ? Would be great.


Many have asked - only one has delivered so far:


I don’t understand. Do you mean that they are working on it and delivered only one cover to someone who asked ? Those pictures are showing something about 3D printing. Is that a partner of FairPhone ?


No I meant many have asked the same question as you. Only one person did something about it.


And how about the FairPhone company ? Is there something in their plan if so many people asked already ?


Only they can give you an answer to that question.



Thanks. Just contacted them and already got a reply !

Fairphone 3 - Interview of Bas from FrAndroid
First 3d printed transparent Slim Cover
FairPhone 2 - Next New Camera? (Discussion about curiosity and desire)

In another thread a bottom module for FP2 with USB-C was asked for, and it’s included above in the wish list. Now that the new camera modules are shipping - is this the next step?

I’m quite fond of the new USB cable standard and even though it won’t change anything but the physical layout I’d like the next bottom module I replace the current one with after it’s worn out to have USB-C.:slight_smile:


A few new PCBs I´m currently working on :slight_smile:
They will be used as addons for the DIY-shield and add different possibilities to your FP2. :slight_smile:

#1: Adds a microphone (easier to use than the internal) and a few Neopixels to visualize sound:

#2: Adds an OLED which could be used for example to display the number of messages or calls or whatever

#3: Adds a charlieplexed LED matrix with 15 x 7 LEDs

what do you thing ?
any ideas for addon-boards or complete extension boards?


You love your Fairphone? Me too!!

Show your LOVE :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of USB ports: for the next model, I really would like the headphone jack and the USB port to be on the same side.

Using headphones while also charging the phone with a battery pack makes it almost impossible to carry the phone in my coat pocket, not to mention inherently hardware damaging.

  • three SIM based
  • One SIM is cryto-proceted
  • Firefox-OS based
  • Taking Firefox-OS in dev. for future mobile devices

All the BEST!

Bruno Ballack


Push NFC for enable using AndroidBeam for fast sharing data with friends^^lg


maybe this is already solved for the actual fp2 models - but it would be great if the sim slots could easily be repaired/exchanged. in the first fp2 models this seems not to be possible, if one of the two slots gets broken.


SIM slots still can’t be easily exchanged, but the new ones also can’t be broken. At least so far it’s unheard of. See:


My wish would be an optional (!) metal casing with a (spring loaded) battery compartment latch like Samsungs Wave II had it, so you can accesss the battery and/or SIM and memory slot daily. Since the Wave II was a midrange phone, this should not be too expensive, but I think it should anyhow be just optional.

Also, some people might like a fullblown ruggedized outdoor style back useful. Also as an option. That could be prettier than a third-party “bumper”.

Also, wireless charging may be useful for some, could also be optional and implemented in a back cover…

As for sensors, temperature would be an idea.

For navigation, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou support for increased precsion and/or coverage (I know, that could be expensive. More a dream than a wish).