FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist meta discussion

I thought so as well at the beginning, but now I’m recognizing the position very well. Just get accustomed to the phone. :slightly_smiling:

So why people change their phone.

  • Display quality, for ecample iphone 4 and 6
  • CPU speed
  • RAM (not that often, but forced by the OS)

Yes some get bord about their phone, always the same look, that’s why few people used to have different cases.

So why not some cases, who would change the look of the FP like bicolore cases.
Cases with a fake screen.
3D cases, if you put the phone on the screen the back would look like a valley with little hills and a river. :slight_smile:
Wooden cases

I moved your post here. In the first post you can see our list, it’s a wiki, so you can add to it.
As you can see, bicolored cases already exist.

Hi, I edited the wiki twice about a non-symetric back-cover, and a hifi sound module replacement.

Then I saw that an Emergency button for elderly people is categorized as “Less realistic” while it would be an easy hardware (just a button connected to the back expension-USB port…) and an easy software : if the button is pressed, try to cal 3x times each, 5 pre-selected numbers. An new push stop the process after the 1st successful call.

It is THE best 1st concrete use of the expension USB port to deploy. Ping @dvl
(and let’s have this new cover not symetric !)

If you read the full headline you see it says “less realistic for FP2, unsustainable or niche features” and an emergency button for elderly people on a 500€ smartphone is definitely a niche feature.

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Yeah, because:

  • There is no market for it
  • So it is niche, but it will get no headlines
  • Mostly software, which I do not do
  • Will be more expensive than current systems that work better
  • Needs to GUARANTEE safety like current systems in place

So: no.


Hello all
What would you think of a docking station ? Like laptops do.
The point would be to

  • keep a simple light phone design for street use
  • put it on the station while sitting somewhere and use extended hardware possibilities

It could

  • hold the phone tilted as in @paulakreuzer picture
  • be a power source for charging the phone
  • have a few usb ports (hub) for attaching USB add ons
  • power those add ons
  • optionally have a high quality sound output jack or RCA

That would require to have an easy and reliable connection between a custom backcover and the dock. (magnetic ?). Do you think this could be something realistic ?
This would be quite universal, as many of the extensions suggested here already exist over USB. Have a look at this wiki ✏ FP2 : USB device compatibility to see current study about compatibility.

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There is already a solution: http://shop.fairphone.com/accessories/thefairphone2nightstand.html

But still this doesn´t solve problems with other well known problems along with the now “old” version of Android. Besides this the battery capacity is not that what you or me did expected,

The nightstand is only a ‘stand’, a piece of wood to hold your phone. While it seems pretty and do its job, it doesn’t include any module or connector. You still have to plug the micro USB cable to the phone to charge it.

I’d vote for an updated camera for FP2.

The actual one is pretty mediocre sadly, and doesn’t even support the Camera2 API, thus, being useless for advanced videographers. I expected FP2 to not handle 4k (neither UHD/DCI), nor having a great lense, but not supporting the Camera2 API is a real let down. Apps like Cinema 4k (advanced color profiles, manual expo/focus, bitrate & resolution, etc…) relies on such API.


Do advanced videographers actually use phones ???

It’s good for casual use, I mean I’m happy with it, and take my Canon EOS with me when I need more quality. But i do like the fact that it the modularity could be pushed further, and several camera models made available for buyers to choose from.

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Yes they do. Well at least I do :slight_smile:

I actually shot quite a lot of footage with my LG G4 and my Lumia 930. Sure, this is not the best quality footage ever, but I don’t always have my camera with me, and sometimes, a phone is the only handy thing :wink:

BTW, with cinema 4K, or similar app, you can get full manual control, like custom profiles, encoding bitrate, …, so you can easily get more from your camera, and use the resulting footage in real projects.

But that’s what I love with modular design. I can hope for an updated camera module, from FP or 3rd party. Or even a DIY one, since connections are standard :slight_smile:

Sure it won’t compare with a gopro or the like…
But I would appreciate a working focus… And I couldn’t manage to record to sdcard with opencamera, the videos disappear and aren’t saved anywhere… I will try your app cinema 4K.

The FP2 camera doesn’t support the Camera 2 API, so you won"t have any manual control with Cinema 4k :frowning:

I don’t really understand why a waterproof case goes in “less realistic for FP2, unsustainable or niche features”. It will certainly extend the durability of the phone, at the very least by limiting water ingress. Increasing the durability and lifetime of the phone would then make it a more sustainable product.

Maybe this feature is more relevant for the fairphone 3 ?

We discussed this at length and I believe it was agreed that the FP2’s modularity is somewhat opposed to tightness and waterproof-ness. It could be possible to build a waterproof case but it would restrict a lot of functions and therefore would only be good for certain situations but not to increase the lifetime.

That could be, but it will still be hard to design a phone that is waterproof but can still be easily opened up and disassembled into modules.

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I am also interested in this feature.

It could be a case that replaces the normal one but without any holes for speaker/usb/audio jack. So the only way to use it would be through bluetooth or the speaker through soft plastic. (I guess the sound would be lower but still usable)
I’m imagining a case with a hard backside but a soft(er) front that still allows for the insertion of the phone and some sort of sip-lock/roll-lock.

When you need a phone to be waterproof you don’t need the charger/headphones or any other peripherals. The beauty of this compared to other universal waterproof bags would be the size.


Waterproof fp2 specific casing is ‘less realistic’ because no one will develop it and current generic solutions are better and cheaper.

Hi, just another Detail which would be great to improve: if the camera button was pressable in two steps to firstly focus and to secondly take a photo, I would be really happy. And of course a better camera (the one in FP2 is not good at all).

I had some more ideas but I don’t know how practical they are. I have e.g. always big trouble to find my phone in the dark. Therefore I would be glad if there was a back cover which is illuminating (charging in light and when its dark its illuminating; I don’t know how iylt is called in English, in German its “flureszierend”). Furthermore I may love a Finger print sensor. In addition to that I really love the idea of a hardware switch for mic/cam and I can’t really see why it was put to a not-realistic category.

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That’s actually not flurescent, but phosphorescent. There are 3D printable materials with that property.

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