FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist meta discussion

I think the problem of 2 separate devices is the setup. It’s so easy to just put your phone on the table, on your bike or so. Setting up the phone and the solar panel is longer. Still, I don’t think the surface is big enough to power your phone…

Perhaps the Waka Waka Base 5 is something you are thinking of:

  • 5,000mAh batterij, fully charged after 4- 8 uur sunlight
  • Average smartphone charge: 2 x of 200 %
  • 2 LED lights, maximum brightness: 40 lumen
  • Super efficient 7.5 Watt solarpanel
  • Proprietary Intivation SunBoost chip
  • 100% recycled PC-ABS, high impact resistant

Disclaimer: I am just loving the idea of WakaWaka but I am not involved in the company.

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It would be interesting if you had an alternate e-reader front screen - since the screen is so easy to remove you could clip the one out and slide the other in for long journeys, and set it to “Reading Mode” so it behaves mostly like a kindle.


It would be interesting if you had an alternate e-reader front screen

Loving this idea. Will totally depend on the amount and details of the documentation FP will provide. Also, it will not be cheap.

But very very cool idea!

It’s already on the list. :smile:

Niiiiice. Hopefully those folk at Yotaphone won’t be sending anyone around to do a few kneecappings…

Very good initiative. Just one thing where I don’t see a good fit with your categorization:

There are “lower spec” hardware components already supported by Replicant, like the ones with the Samsung Exynos Boards. So by providing an alternative board with such chipset both goals could be satisifed (though I doubt it will be easy to manufacture them since they are pretty much outdated).

My ideas:

  • a satellite receiver
  • a board-game back cover (chess? roulette?)
  • a little music instrument
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Added the new modules by @dvl.
Many thanks for creating those!

I personally would be interested in incorporating the new gesture-based radar technology Google has unveiled - especially since the radar device they demonstrated is so tiny. Possibly it could be built into the expansion port?

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As I already replied in Fairphone 2 hardware extensions, I would like to see a possibility to turn the FP2 into a tablet or laptop by sliding it INTO that other device. Similar to Always Innovating’s Smart Book.

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That would be…interesting?..but I feel like it would have to be more of a custom job you commissioned from someone than a mass release. It’s an idea that works better with the Ara ecosystem of modules, where they can be easily slid out of the casing and into something else, rather than the FP modules, which require careful unscrewing.

The smartphone generation of the future is in eyes like mine thin, holografic instead of really large, flexible, is obviosly able to be used as wallet by the backcover or is really transperent when it´s not blending colors on its screen, is waterproof, is floating over its charging station, is more individual in design and options, promise a exact delivery date before purchasing, …

The next Fairphone ´ll produced about 2019.
The time don´t stop and just seeming to become slower if you speed up. In the moment in which the time overtake you you are lost.

I´m hopping some of that ideas ´ll influence the next generation. :relaxed:

Hello to all

I was going to suggest an usb-host port addon, but it seems that an usb-c could be used to plug a regular USB device, is this right ? And would it also be able to provide some power ?

That would be cool, and will move many possibilities to the driver & software development side : external drive, external sound card, game or midi controller …

About the infrared control idea, it reminds me of the ancient PDAs like palm and pocket PC who had this function built-in ! Nowadays, many TVs can be controlled via wifi, but controlling older devices is more in the sustainable spirit :smile: .
Easier than a specifically built in-phone transceiver, I might suggest using a bluetooth-to-IR device. Google “irdroid” for example.

I always thought all Android phones can use USB peripherals on the micro USB port. At least my very first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) from 2010 was capable of that. Is that not the case for Fairphone? All you need(ed back then) is an adapter from micro USB to USB-A.

Edit: The adapter is called USB OTG (on-the-go). Apparently not all phones are compatible. Here is an incomplete list of compatible devices. Stackoverflow has instructions on how to test whether it works and how to get it working.

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You are right, for OTG you need

  • capable hardware (phone)
  • a special OTG cable
  • external power.
  • the needed kernel modules. IE, mass storage driver, HID driver, etc… which are usually absent from stock ROMs.

So it requires a bit of hacking, but technically possible.
You can run ‘USB host diagnostics’ from play store to check your phone capabilities. I’ll try this when I get my FP2 :slight_smile:

edit : sorry i didn’t see your edit and the links you posted. they say pretty much the same, sorry for the repeat

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Hi people

I’m not sure, but I think that probably many will want the FP only with a good rear camera - it is useful for many, including many activists, and although that’s not the major point of this phone, it makes it much more attractive, given the high price

Is there any optional module like that? even if not from FP shop itself


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