FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist meta discussion

I’m totally in for 1, 3 (at least IR, RF is rather hard to implement) and of course 4!
A solar backpack would be a nice gimmick (though I don’t expect an overwhelming battery live boost), maybe combined with 2?

I think what would be of the most benefit is (2) the wireless charger. And of course the keyboard itself.

Some thoughts on the other points:

  1. Battery extension: Android 6 will be more battery efficient, so this one will be less important soon.
  2. Wireless charging: It’s on the rise (it will be built in in the new night trains in Austria).
  3. Remote control (Everything is going to the network nowadays and there are protocols in place for remote controlling via IP. For example there is an app to remote control VLC.)
  4. NFC: I use my ATM card for wireless paying.
  5. USB type-C port: I’m sure that at the moment most of the cables you have at home are still Micro-USB-B. Besides that should really be something that’s built into the bottom module of FP2… | Magnetic USB port: I think standalone solutions are more future prone because the magnetic USB port won’t be standardized and you won’t be able to use any cable -> thus you’d be dependent on them to provide you with cables if one breaks.
  6. Slider: Both covers are stable enough for my use cases. Don’t know about you though… :smirk:

I’ll add your request link to the first post. Maybe there will even be enough people for them to consider a cover… :slight_smile:

PS.: The case should be compatible with the slim cases in my opinion so that there can still be #rimswapping . :smiley:


…but still very energy inefficient. From an environmental point of view, I would absolutely avoid this gimmick.


Sadly, from an environmental point of view we should avoid any extensions to the back connector because they still have to be produced first… :disappointed_relieved: Unless the back connector module itself can save the environment! Can we come up with such a back connector module?

PS.: You can use a keyboard to be faster at writing urging mails to your MPs! :wink:

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A screen with fingerprint sensor?

I love the idea. I see 2 cases

  1. like apple does, connected at the usb port, which would allow NFC in the same cover, or
  2. replacing the current battery, and connecting at the internal battery connectors, this one would probably take less space,

And please make it transparent again.

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Does it make sense to start a FP3 Wishlist now? I would like that!

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Yeah, why not, go ahead! :slight_smile:


Hi, some ideas:

For the future I’d suggest to consider designing a phone with a SOC which can be equipped with different kinds of cameras.

E.g. here is an add-on for the iPhone for doctors:


And here is a phone with build-in thermal imager:

I know there are some add-ons for sale with thermal imagers (plugged to the usb port), but the quality is not that good (to say the least)…

It might be interesting for some companies if they can create add-ons for the Fairphone and don’t have to design a whole phone? So designing a phone with well-documented ports might be something to consider…?

I don’t know if such a port has to be different to the USB socket, but technical figures /ready-to-use files for a customized back (e.g. for 3D printers) might help?

And, of course, it might be nice to have RAW support for the camera!

And, for my TV, DVD and else: an IR port and an IR app…

The Wishlist above has a section for “wishes for future Fairphones”. I don’t know if it makes sense to make a wishlist for “the FP3” as long as we don’t know whether the FP3 will be higher or lower-end than the FP2.

@Stefan: The “/3/…” in the topic title was intentional. :wink:

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I know that it was intentional, but I was excited about a new topic. :blush: I’ll put the “/3/…” back. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think scrolling through 178 posts can be cumbersome, especially if many are related to the FP2, so I would like to open my new thread to discuss my wish for the next Fairphone.

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I’m currently working on an extension module which is adding capacitive buttons to the back oft the FP2 :slight_smile: so if anyone is interessted … Tell me !! :smiley:


What kind of potential use-cases do you have in mind?


I liked the concept of my old LG g3 a lot, which had such buttons on the back and so I thought why not make a small PCB with those abilities + some extra pads for other stuff to tinker :slight_smile:


let out your inner nerd… :smiley:



It would be nice to improve the loud speaker and make it more loud. The current maximum volume is not really loud and not efficient in noisy environment.

The value in /etc/mixer_paths.xml is 87 by default. I tried to increase it to 92 but the sound quality is lower. So I guess it’s a hardware limitation.