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knowing the modular concept of the Fairphone, I would be very interested in buying high performance components in replacement of the standard ones. Like a battery with more capacity, a camera with higher resolution, etc. Of course it would be more expensive, but every customer could decide for himself which component he needs.
It can be also low performance components for the ones willing to save money on a particular function. It is like a personalized configuration of one’s phone. I think it would fit perfectly in the concept of modularity and optimization of lifetime. Is it something on which the company is working on?


Fairphone has confirmed a couple of times by now that they are working on a better camera module. Having just released new covers, they actually said that the new camera module would be the next thing.

Regarding battery, I would guess it’s hard to increase the capacity without increasing the size of the battery. So I’m a bit sceptical that a higher-capacity battery would be possible and still fit into the existing battery slot. The only gains to be made here would probably be increasing the overall energy-efficiency of the FP2.


Hopefully it gets better with Android6.0 next year (it has been advertised for the second half of this year!). Another step would be to offer an organic light-emitting diode screen (OLED), which saves energy and has some more eye friendly characteristics.


I switched recently to FairphoneOpenOS and it is a HUGE improvement regarding battery drainage :smile: (+25 to 50% gain)
Usage is strictly identical…you can reinstall GooglePlayStore afterwards (sometime mandatory with some apps :rage: )
I don t believe there is so much to wait on Android6.0 or 7.0 or 8.52 regarding this aspect. :triumph:

Funny is to see here on the very specific forum with hardcore-user/geek people what trully people expect from their smartphone:

  • nobody speaks about CPU and ram
  • a good screen…which FP2 already has…maybe juste AMOLED for energy reasons
  • better camera module in option…lot of people don t need better, some are really photo-addicted…FP2 modularity is absolutely great for this case :innocent:
  • BATTERY…THE MAIN REQUEST…the one that none of actual main manufacterers adress, they prefer to reduce thickness even if consumers don t ask for :cold_sweat:

hope there will be in the coming years a breakthrough in battery tech :sparkler: I am pretty confident that Fairphone will be quick to provide new batteries for our old FP unlike main manufacterers :yum:

why not selling as accessory a recharging USB solarpanel device ? (at a “fair” price…not like actual covers…27€:rage:)

I would like it very much to have a second USB connection at the top side of the phone (of course both as USB-C connectors!)! Some times it is very unfunctional to have the phone connected at the bottom. If I would have these both, I would use the top one most.

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atmospheric exposition (ATEX) EXplosive protection (covered by Industrial Protection standard IP68+ or something) case.
optional case extension (by replacing a breakout piece?) to fit holders like HR Herbert Richter 4 talon system (quick fix compatible).

Sticking two gluepads on with HR makes me curse it because it’s next to impossible to fit on in the car in the night, but when I get it attached, it won’t come loose even when the road turns into a washing machine (as long as the mount stays attached).


Can’t the headphone jack be used to connect an extra antenna?

Aren’t that holes above “Yours to open, yours to keep” and below the SD card slot, connectors for the antenna?

That photo is from the Fairphone 2 teardown at iFixit and is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

I’m a hardware keyboarder myself (my previous phone was a N900 that I finally had to give up on) and I really long for a hardware keyboard.

Any chance we can whip up enough interest in something like this:


maybe as a replacement for the (new) back-cover (thus saving thickness) and/or making use of the power on the USB connector in the back to make it worthwhile for them to produce this for interested parties?

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with boxwave - all I want is a real nice keyboard.


Wow, this Keyboard Buddy Case is exactly what I miss on my FP2! Thank you very much for this hint!
And since it e.g. has a battery, USB port and Bluetooth built in, maybe it could hold more module functions from this wishlist in it, like NFC, wireless charging, a battery extension, USB type-C and so on. As this manufacturer seems to produce many other accessories for phones, it could be the right place to ask for some (external) modules on this wishlist. In the FAQ I read that it is an US company with worldwide shipping.

So I hope more FP2 owners who like the idea of a hardware keyboard and maybe some more features built-in, will embrace the offer on the bottom of the website:

On the following request site, where also such a little company as Fairphone is listed in the drop down menu they say:

Here you can see my request with my personal wishlist of additional built-in functions:

  1. Battery extension / power bank mode
  2. Wireless charging
  3. Remote control (infrared/radio)
  4. NFC
    5.1 USB type-C port
    5.2 Magnetic USB port
  5. More stable substitute for standard/rubber or slim back covers like on old Nokias with a slider to lock it securely

I also made a request for a docking station (for charging, as a night-/daystand and for PC sync/backup) suitable for the thicker bundle of Keyboard Buddy Case and Fairphone 2.

Details and some helpful links to my list above see my full request text (click on this)

Fairphone 2 (=FP2)
First users received it in December 2015 and the plan is to make it a sustainable phone, while still producing and selling it with no plans for a successor like a FP3. The manufacturer announced some hardware updates in recent interviews instead: Better back- and front-camera modules as spare parts to this modular phone, where the modules can be replaced by all owners of a FP2 easily.

A Keyboard Buddy Case (=KBC) instead of the removable back cover of the FP2 would be awesome, really awesome!
See a picture of the back of the phone without the cover on it here:
✏ FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist

There is already a built-in 5-pin USB-connection on the backside of the phone (middle left of picture) for future expansion modules, which hopefully could be used for the KBC. So the battery of the KBC would not be needed anymore at the first glance, but:

I HAVE A DREAM for more functions with this FP2-KBC!

  1. Using a built-in battery of the KBC as kind of a power bank in case of need. So if the phone’s battery is empty, e. g. a little hardware switch on the KBC could be used to charge the phone (also via the phone’s backside connection). That additional battery wouldn’t have to be as big as the phone’s (by capacity) and e.g. a quarter of it would be enough for using the phone a few more hours until next possibility for charging. While charging the KBC battery, the FP2-battery should also be charged at the same time.

  2. Wireless/inductive charging with Qi (standard), see Wikipedia:

  3. Programmable remote control (infrared/radio emitter/sensor) e.g. for parking doors, TVs, cameras, …

  4. NFC (with hardware-switch to turn it off for security reasons)

  5. 2(!) better ports than the FP2’s micro USB type-B:
    5.1 USB type C-port and(!) …
    5.2 Magnetic USB port (as built-in version in KBC instead of a version to plug into USB port of FP2 or KBC). Advantages: Snapping the according USB cable on both ways (like USB type-C) and not that much stress for the USB socket, see picture:
    🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Magnetic USB cable recommended to avoid socket probs
    eBay offer for such a cable with more pictures:

  6. More stable mounting technique for back cover. There are new slim covers now, which persist of 2 pieces with a plastic clip technique for mounting and makes it easier to put the back cover off and on the phone than with the old covers made of rubber. But I still miss my old Nokia with a simple slider to lock the cover on the phone. With a KBC e.g. there could be 2 screws or sliders to lock a front-piece with the back-piece of the KBC, similar to the new slim covers but more robust. Such screws or sliders could be placed under the keyboard with access to them only when the keyboard is in open position.

In addition a docking station for the thicker FP2-KBC-bundle would be the icing on the cake. I miss such a docking for my phones since my Palm handheld, which I used about 15 years ago. This docking should hold the FP2 in horizontal position with the magnetic USB port connected (so the magnetic USB port on the KBC should be placed on the bottom of the keyboard near the space-bar). See this wooden Nightstand as an example what position is meant and how the docking could look like:

The docking should have at least the following ports:

  1. On frontside: Magnetic USB port to hold and connect the FP2

  2. On backside: USB type-B micro socket for permanent power connection

  3. On backside: USB type-B micro socket for PC connection and/or connection to another docking, e.g. this one:
    A forum member called it a DisplayLink-capable “mobile docking station” and tested this successfully with another USB docking and USB keyboard and mouse, see here:
    Upgrade potential: MHL?

  4. 3.5 mm speaker socket

For more requests or rather a wishlist on functions and modules for the FP2 of other FP2 owners see this thread of the official FP forum with an overview in the 1st entry, which is a wiki-post:
✏ FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist

Some information by a forum member about the 5-pin USB-connector on the backside of the FP2 can be found here:

More information and an example of using this backside port for a Yubikey with pictures from a former FP-developer can be found here:

In the FP forum I asked more FP2 owners to send a request and hope you get enough for at least a Keyboard Buddy Case as substitute for the FP2 back cover.

Thank you very much for your efforts!


I’m totally in for 1, 3 (at least IR, RF is rather hard to implement) and of course 4!
A solar backpack would be a nice gimmick (though I don’t expect an overwhelming battery live boost), maybe combined with 2?

I think what would be of the most benefit is (2) the wireless charger. And of course the keyboard itself.

Some thoughts on the other points:

  1. Battery extension: Android 6 will be more battery efficient, so this one will be less important soon.
  2. Wireless charging: It’s on the rise (it will be built in in the new night trains in Austria).
  3. Remote control (Everything is going to the network nowadays and there are protocols in place for remote controlling via IP. For example there is an app to remote control VLC.)
  4. NFC: I use my ATM card for wireless paying.
  5. USB type-C port: I’m sure that at the moment most of the cables you have at home are still Micro-USB-B. Besides that should really be something that’s built into the bottom module of FP2… | Magnetic USB port: I think standalone solutions are more future prone because the magnetic USB port won’t be standardized and you won’t be able to use any cable -> thus you’d be dependent on them to provide you with cables if one breaks.
  6. Slider: Both covers are stable enough for my use cases. Don’t know about you though… :smirk:

I’ll add your request link to the first post. Maybe there will even be enough people for them to consider a cover… :slight_smile:

PS.: The case should be compatible with the slim cases in my opinion so that there can still be #rimswapping . :smiley:


…but still very energy inefficient. From an environmental point of view, I would absolutely avoid this gimmick.


Sadly, from an environmental point of view we should avoid any extensions to the back connector because they still have to be produced first… :disappointed_relieved: Unless the back connector module itself can save the environment! Can we come up with such a back connector module?

PS.: You can use a keyboard to be faster at writing urging mails to your MPs! :wink:

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A screen with fingerprint sensor?

I love the idea. I see 2 cases

  1. like apple does, connected at the usb port, which would allow NFC in the same cover, or
  2. replacing the current battery, and connecting at the internal battery connectors, this one would probably take less space,

And please make it transparent again.

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Does it make sense to start a FP3 Wishlist now? I would like that!

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