FP 2/3/... Modules & Wishlist meta discussion

I am also interested in this feature.

It could be a case that replaces the normal one but without any holes for speaker/usb/audio jack. So the only way to use it would be through bluetooth or the speaker through soft plastic. (I guess the sound would be lower but still usable)
I’m imagining a case with a hard backside but a soft(er) front that still allows for the insertion of the phone and some sort of sip-lock/roll-lock.

When you need a phone to be waterproof you don’t need the charger/headphones or any other peripherals. The beauty of this compared to other universal waterproof bags would be the size.


Waterproof fp2 specific casing is ‘less realistic’ because no one will develop it and current generic solutions are better and cheaper.

Hi, just another Detail which would be great to improve: if the camera button was pressable in two steps to firstly focus and to secondly take a photo, I would be really happy. And of course a better camera (the one in FP2 is not good at all).

I had some more ideas but I don’t know how practical they are. I have e.g. always big trouble to find my phone in the dark. Therefore I would be glad if there was a back cover which is illuminating (charging in light and when its dark its illuminating; I don’t know how iylt is called in English, in German its “flureszierend”). Furthermore I may love a Finger print sensor. In addition to that I really love the idea of a hardware switch for mic/cam and I can’t really see why it was put to a not-realistic category.

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That’s actually not flurescent, but phosphorescent. There are 3D printable materials with that property.

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Thanks for the correction. I meant that one :slight_smile: maybe I could make that myself with putting a sticker on my case which does that… But a full case would be even cooler :slight_smile:

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@dvl has a 3d printable case available by 3D printing via Shapeways (see below), but I don’t think Shapeways has a glow in the dark strong and flexible polymer (yet).

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I bought my FairPhone 2 with a spare battery, so I could switch on long trips. Is there a way to charge it without actually putting it in the phone? For example, for my old Galaxy S4 I used this:

Is there something like that for the FairPhone 2?



I’m not aware of such a device existing (yet), but it is on our Wishlist in the first post which is why I moved your post here.

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I’m still waiting for my FP2, would it be possible to remove Ram and CPU ? I really like the suggestion of upgradebale ram and cpu, but is it even possible ?

Look for an external universal charger. I’m sure that there are some where the FP2 battery fits in.

What about an USB cable with pins at the opposite side, to use it as a voltmeter/ohm-meter with the appropriate software ? @dvl ?

One of the few things I would really like for FP is to get is usb type-c and ideally usb 3.1. Leads to better charging times, finally a reversible cable, faster speed and has the potential to become the all-in-one cable (laptops could get it, has even support for displayport etc), so that would imo most future-proof FP.


This sounds indeed future proof. I just have to contradict faster charging times. The charging time depends on the input amperage the phone supports. FP2 pulls up to 1,54A, which makes a charging time of 1h36m (click link for source).

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Ahhh that is interesting.

I suppose the more correct comment would then be that with the new USB standard more power can be delivered through the cable that even laptops can be charged with that. Just that FP2 could not make use of it.

That is good to know, thanks for linking to that post :slight_smile:

Maybe it is indeed possible to modify the charging module in such a way that a higher input amperage is possible. I cannot evaluate this possibility though because I’ve no clue… :grin:

QC sells a broad range of proprietary software/hardware under the term “quick-charge”. There is already a QC in the FP2 … So quick charge could show up one day … if not in this release maybe in another.

Oh, and please keep the crypto-cable craziness in mind :slight_smile:

Thanks for this thread!

+1 for fingerprint sensor. It was mentioned by @goody but I didn’t see it in the list on top. It could sit in a new type of case. Or maybe it could be part of the top or bottom modules and be accessible through a case opening similar to the the one for the camera.


I’m not really a friend of those. They need a really tight integration with the system to be “secure” (“Secure Enclave”). Also they are not safe to begin with. They only lower the barrier for spending more money by having some kind of fake security. But I know that there are people that see this different. This is just my opinion. And if it’s possible to buy a module for it … why not?

Yubico with the external FP2 port was a pretty neat idea. A token you can even change if you need to. Your fingerprints identify you forever and you leave them everywhere … including on your phone.

Update: Thanks for liking opposing views. I really appropriate that! Just for the record: I really do think that fingerprint sensors make things easier. I’m just not sure if that is always a good idea :slight_smile:


Is there anything going on regarding improving battery life ?

lot of new smartphones offers over 3000mAh battery on a 7 to 8mm thickness, it seems that battery technology as improved.
and some others, reach about 2 days usage just by optimization (samsung A5).

I think it could also be a keypoint for FP to achieve high energy efficiency :innocent:

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