FP 1 Running Very slowly

My FP is running really slowly, especialy when I try to open contacts. Also it has recently started telling me I am trying to call from the USA - which I’m not. Any ideas folks, thanks

The fact that your phone want to call USA makes me think that you probably got a virus :frowning:
You can try to download and run avast! , or, if you want to truly make your phone appear faster, a hard-reset might be a good idea :smile:


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Thanks Elipsus,
Please bear with me folks, I don’t think I’m techie enough for this smart phone business - I’m still regretting buying one in the first place! So if I do a hard reset how do I avoid putting the virus back in when I restore my contacts and/or other apps etc?

You regret buying a smartphone ? :frowning: , it can be a very powerful tool for everyday life , you “just” have to take time to understand how it works :slight_smile: it takes time, but mastering a smartphone can give you the closest thing to super-power !
Getting a virus is more all about bad luck and strange websites :wink: , i recommand you to just be carefull with what you are browsing, escpcially ads and website that claim that your smartphone have viruses (ironically, they make you download an app with a virus ^^), NEVER download an app that does’nt come from Google play of F-droid, even from the one that come from the play store, always be carefull with the app notation, if it’s below 4/5, it’s a scam !

Honestly, your description is not really good, so it’s hard to help. Maybe it’s not a virus at all.

You could try to google the number and post more information here (about the number, not the number itself). Maybe it’s an already known problem.

Use the backup function to safe your important data. Do only backup your contacts and what you really need (no apps).

Reinstall your phone from scratch. It’s describe here in the forum, just search for it.

Afterwards install ad-blocker software (ads sometimes provides viruses to broken browsers) and an up-to-date browser on your phone. The standard browser on the FP1 is not safe.

Good luck!

Thank you for your comment, I’ve run avast and not found any evidence of viruses, so like you say I’ll only back up the important stuff, the apps I notice I haven’t got any more I’ll reinstall

Sure, no problem. Double check that you know how restoring your data works, so you do not loose any information. Read about it in the forum and if you do not find an answer, just ask!

Ok so factroy reset done. Google stuff back on and all good. Reinstall contacts and I get a load of them (but not all) 4 times so now I have to go through and delete a whole bunch. Anyone got any idea why that happened and how I can avoid it?

It’s better to check if restore works before you … Okay, I assume the restore tool is not working correctly. So from … let’s say 20 contacts only 18 got restored? Or what is the problem? Have the contacts that are missing something in common? There are some articles here in the forum on how the backup/restore tool works and its limitations and workarounds. But I guess now it’s a bit too late to look into this. I hope you can recover the missing information from elsewhere?

Don’t forget to install an ad-blocker and a new browser.

OK language not clear - I reinstall my contacts and I get lots and lots of duplicates eg Fred Bloggs 012345678 4 times in a row. I haven’t lost any - I have lots of repeats. Any ad blocker suggestions? Do I get to choose a browser? I’ve just looked in the play store - I had no idea I had so many choices - ok I’ll go and learn about them too.

Good to know!

AdAway, Firefox/Chrome come to mind. Just search the forum a bit and read a few. There a people that explained all this much better than me before. Good luck!

Are your contacts stored by Google (or any other cloud service, like Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail)? Because then you don’t need to recover them: they are automatically recovered from the cloud when you reconnect with your Google account on your phone.

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“Running slowly you say? Well you’d better catch up to it before it gets away! Woo-HA, Woo-HA, Woo-HA!!!”