Fout tijdens het downloaden Hazelnut Fairphone

Hi All,

When I try to update my second batch Fairphone 1.6 to 1.8 it keeps giving the error “Fout tijdens het downloaden Hazelnut Fairphone”. Does anyone know the solution?

Thank you in advance!

I have the same problem. Can anyone help?


Same here, only in German: “Fehler beim Herunterladen Hazelnut Fairphone”.

I think I found a solution. Don’t click (touch?) on the download- and update button! Scroll down to Fairphone OS button (the blue one). When you click on it, you can choose which version you want to install. I have chosen the newest version (1.8) and it seems to work. Hopefully it works for you as well.

Hi all,
@yofaka and others… Your solution did it. Thank you so much!

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I think that if you install the FairPhoneOS via the blue button, you are installing it from scratch, instead of upgrading it.

The Fairphone 1.7 Hazel Nut is an “in between” update from the manufacturer out of China.
This update is not live currently and so it is not possible to download.

Like @sim6 says you will need to click on the Fairphone OS button in the Fairphone updater app and from there choose to install 1.8 Kola Nut.

Whatever I try (3 hours and counting) the Google play store is not working anymore.

I re-installed it using the latest APK file from google, also added the google play services.
Then rebooted (hard reboot).
Nothing: when I tap the google play store… it starts and immediately closes. Nothing happens.

Please advice.