[FOUND] Looking for FP3 main button switch

I am looking for a main button or main switch. The whole small board on the left side. I assume the board is broken from a friends fp3 and we want to replace it.
Unfortunatly this button can only be optained from an old fp3. Maybe someone used one as sparepart giver and has the button left.

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We have a dead FP3 here, so I can ask my gf if I can give away parts of it :slight_smile:


I would get the display module to replace the broken one I have on my FP3+!

Many thanks to everybody. Today we switched the PCB board and it is working again. Unforutnatly there were no detailed instruction anywhere to find how to do this. But it was not very hard.


  • Remove the battery
  • Seperate the display from the mainframe
  • take the shielding from the motherboard with the two screws
  • disconnect all cables
  • lift out the motherboard
  • gently pull out the glued pcb and connector from the main frame
  • everything backwards