[Found] Looking for Fairphone 2 camera module (8MP or 12MP)

Hello Fairphone Community,

I bought my Fairphone 2 already with a 12MP camera module a little bit more than 2 and a half years ago.
Unfortunately the module died 2 month ago. I would like to use my Fairphone minimum 2 years more. For me without a working camera module (e.g. for photoTAN) it is just a half smartphone. Sometimes I can use the camera module from my girlfriends Fairphone 2. But I like to have a working camera module by my own.
I prefer a 12MP camera module but at least I have a fully working smartphone again so I’m also okay with a 8MP module.
I’m living in Germany therefore it would be great if there is a module in Germany to buy to keep the shipping costs low.

Hi Sebastian,

you can have my camera module for free. I have a 8MP module. I live in Augsburg.

Send me your address through PM and I will send it to you.