FOUND - FP2 wanted in good conditions (Germany)

Hi, I’m interested in buying a second hand FP2 in good conditions that could be shipped to Germany in the next week or two… maybe it’s too late already? I am still holding hope to replaced by beloved FP2 that I left in a taxi last week…

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I’m sorry to read about your poor lost phone.
So there is no chance for you to get it tracked by Google or get back to the taxi company who may have some kind of lost+found collection point?

Now since FP3 is in the make you may have a chance to catch a FP2 in a good shape.

Thank you Patrick1! Unfortunately I already contacted the taxi driver but it seems like the following passenger took the phone. And it was not connected to the internet so tracking was made impossible. But thankfully it seems like I am getting a second hand
FP2 thanks to anther member from this forum! The FP2 adventure continues…


I have one for sale, but it is available when I recieve FP3… So not on time for you I’m affraid…

Hi! I would sell a FP2 in good condition. you may want to replace the case (which has a slight crack on the bottom). I would ship the phone to Germany. see post Selling FP2 Slim Case white

:slight_smile: in that case I’ll close your topic.

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