{FOUND} FP2 Main board - working or non functional - or complete phone


I am looking to repair my FP2 mainboard.
I was using a power supply to charge my FP2 phone.
We had a power surge and I heard something go pop in my phone along with the power supply no longer working (tested on another phone).

I took my FP2 apart and found that a small chip by the power pogo pins blew up (the pop sound).

SInce I cannot read the part number for the chip, i either have to read it off another FP2 or better yet, remove it from a non working parts mainboard and transfer it to mine.

I have the proper equipment to do this, just not the chip or part number.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted and will also pay for post to USA.

Let me know if you have something I can use.

George V.

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Where would it/they need to be shipped (country or city)?

Other, remarks:

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Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Hello, sorry but I thought I mentioned it in the post. Los Angeles, California USA

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