Found: FP 1 camera

Hi, I’m looking for a camera module for the FP 1. I live in Southern Germany. Would 20€ be reasonable, considering the camera would be used? If not, please make suggestions. Thanks!

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Are you aware that the FP1 camera is still on stock at Fairphone’s shop? :slight_smile:


Although you can click on it in the shop, it then says it’s out of stock, since FP 1 is no longer supported. Or am I missing something? I would be grateful for a link!

You can add it to the basket and continue with an order. Click on my blue words above and scroll down a bit there. I think the “End of Stock” note is just a general insertion indicating that Fairphone will not re-stock sold out spares.


Thank you so much for that pointer! I just ordered it. I guess “end of” and “out of” stock are two very different things…

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Glad I could help. Regarding the language, I guess you are the expert here (going by your name … or is that a Harry Potter family name? :wink: ).

I hear the adhesive holding the camera is hard to remove, causing the camera to break easily (@Stefan ?) , so be careful.

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It helps to press down the camera with a pen when lifting the motherboard from the display. This way the camera simply stays glued to the display and you can remove it more easily.

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