FOSS Photo Editor?


does anyone know of a decent FOSS photo editing app? I use Open Camera for taking pictures and QuickPic as a gallery app, but as far as I can tell, neither of these allows me to do any editing beyond cropping and rotating.


Looks like you found a huge gap :slight_smile:

Most people just want filters and cropping, so most of this is readily included in all those nice social media clients …

The only ones I can find are the open frameworks that are being used to include those features into apps. I’m not aware of a real “open source” app for cropping/editing pictures on Android, except for this one (Untested and uses facebook libs, last release 2012, no licence file, just the code.)

But maybe someone else can help?

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Yeah, though this is a bit surprising to me - it’s not like I’m looking for Photoshop on a smartphone, but being able to do a little bit of editing so that the shots are not all straight-out-of-camera would be nice given the not entirely impressive quality of the FP2’s camera. Maybe I will have to look into the Google Play Store after all, if I want that sort of thing, or will just have to do the editing on my computer.

Anything with a last release in 2012 and using Facebook anything makes me a little suspicious…

In the last issue of the German computer magazine c’t (7/2016) there was a review about different photo editing apps. Since there was no FOSS app included (what they normally do), I guess there isn’t any worth mentioning.

Thanks, that’s good to know…I always get the c’t used from some friends once they’re done reading it, will have to be on the lookout for it once I get it :wink:

I’ve never used it, but isn’t the CM Snap camera app free software and has a gallery/edit function? I never looked into CM myself, but I read someone here used it and liked it. But maybe I’m confusing things … but if someone wants to check? Testing CM is always a bit complicated, often there are lot’s (unnecessary) dependencies. So I haven’t checked, so maybe I’m wrong.

Here is the post. @m4lvin Can you tell us if Snap has a working gallery with crop & stuff? Thanks!

I just read CT: the review of Snapseed sounds gut, but it is from Google. No socialmedia support.


PS: it’s free as in “-beer”

As far as I can tell the Snap camera app has no gallery built-in. However, I also copied the “Gallery” app from my Nexus 4 running cyanogenmod nightly. With that I can crop but as I just found out it crashes when I choose “Edit” to access filters and more elaborate functions.

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