Forum reacts slowly lately

Lately I experience some very minor issues on the forum. It doesn’t make a difference whether I use my computer, FP1 or FP2 to browse the forum (though in every case I use Firefox).

Here is what I experience:

  • I tap on my avatar in the top right corner to see my notifications. New notifications will display with a blue background. I tap one of them and am taken to the corresponding post. It was just someone liking my post or a short reply to a topic I’m following so I want to go to the next notification and tap on my avatar again. The notification I just clicked a few seconds ago still has a blue background.
  • I just read the last new topic on the forum and go back to the forum homepage. I see “Unread (1)” besides “latest” & “new”. I tap on “Unread (1)” but there are no new unread topics. I go back to the forum homepage and after a few reloads the “(1)” finally disappears.
  • Sometimes I get Firefox-popup-notifications about posts I already read or even replied to.
  • On mobile sometimes when I tap on a link to a post nothing happens for a few seconds, so I tap again, but then I end up e.g. on someone’s profile because the first link was on the same part of the screen as someones avatar.
  • Another minor thing I noticed: Here I posted a little screenshot of the edit-history icon of the bugs list, right after editing the list. Soon after the icon turned orange indicating the post was edited recently. Usually the icon switched color right away.

I never had such issues until a few weeks ago and the fact that I have it now on all devices makes me think it’s something with the forum software.

Does anybody else experience similar issues?

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This is the only thing I actively experienced. The other points might have happened too, but I did not notice them.

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I second all of your experiences.

Edit: I am also using Firefox.

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I also have this problem, especially when reading on my FP2. (Edit: I use both desktop and mobile Firefox.)

I also noticed that I need to reload the thread list to clear the “new post” indicators at the threads. (I open the threads in new tabs.) The unread count is automatically decreased and the indicator at my avatar in the top right corner is also cleared automatically.

Have you more than one tab open? In this case, you will get these notifications multiple times. (Edit: desktop Firefox)

I also noticed that the related post list and the avatar of the user I answered to are not correct just after sending of the post. I need to reload the page to get these things right.

I know, that’s very annoying, but I guess unrelated and a Firefox issue (?).

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I use opera in my FP2, no such problems…

It’s not really relevant but in a thread I read yesterday (unfortunately I cannot remember which) there was a (post withdrawn by author …) text with a several month old date. I was just wondering about that but I don’t know if that happens regularly (or if someone had a lot of fun writing the text manually into a post …)

I also experience issues 1 & 2 that @paulakreuzer describes. On two separate computers, but both with Firefox.

Could it be confused months with minutes? E.g. 06m

So maybe it’s another Firefox issue.

I think it’s a Firefox issue. On Facebook it sometimes behaves even worse…

No there seem a few posts “stuck”. When you search for it there are a few hits in old threads.

It seems to happen also on other forums:

##Edit: Don’t try the following, it could render your Firefox useless! (Pages load, but don’t display (only in the thumbnail)).

They say that deactivating hardware acceleration solves this. I deactivated it for now on my FP1-Firefox and will see if things improve.

PS: in Firefox mobile you need to type about:config into the address bar to access the Config Editor. “gfx.direct2d.disable” doesn’t exist on my Firefox mobile, but I’m not sure, if I should create the parameter.

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Today, whenever I tap on a notification (on mobile, no matter which browser) I see the post that caused the notification for a second and then the page starts scrolling up on it’s own.

It’s not a touchscreen issue.