Forum policy criticized

I find the forum policy here very annoying.Criticism is spinned most times or it seems to be
unwanted by the forum moderators.
I like playing with devices and its software, but here I take no step forward. An answer of
my question is given a few posts above, and the entire post gets deleted after some minutes,
including my thanks to the person, who fixed some bugs. And that with no further comment.
That is not ok!
On the other side, I see the same questions and remarks again and again, for example, the
phone reboots, gets hot, cannot access sdcard, how to flash etc. Further questions about
this issues stay unanswered very often. Or we get answers, most times from moderators,
that don’t help anyone.
I like my device, and I want to help here, and I’d like to see the FP software and alternatives
step forward.
I please the moderators to think about the forum politics here. It isn’t very cool. Don’t be that
strict with remarks and ctiticism about the device, the software development and the company.
We all bought this device to be “part of a movement”.


The only policy we have are the forum guidelines. I invite everyone to read them, you get a badge for it! :wink:

@mase in your specific case yours and my posts didn’t add anything to the discussion and since you said

Sry! Did not notice it.

I thought that the situation was settled and thus that the posts were obsolete. I should have contacted you in a PM though to avoid that others get notified about posts that ate not relevant for them.

It’s always helpful to read a topic instead of asking questions that have already been asked before.

That has nothing to do with the forum guidelines. I fully agree with it.
I don’t talk about one specific case. And I don’t mean only my cases. A lot of things stay
unanswered or discussions get broken. This is horrible.
Why is any criticism cut off so fast? Nothing to discuss?
And who determines the relevance?
But it seems, that I am alone with this meaning.


I can understand your point of view, although I even do not own a Fairphone.

Once one moderator told me in a private message that in categories that end with “Help”, all postings which do not help but reflect bad criticism will be deleted. At least that is what I understand, and I accept that.

Nevertheless I doubt that anyone of the Fairphone staff will react to any of such postings; it would not change a single thing. It makes no sense to express criticism when its recipient is not available… :wink:


Well you clearly did:

How does that relate to any forum policy? It’s not the moderators’ (or anybody’s) job to answer questions.

What do you mean?

We never do anything about criticism as long as it follows the rules. If it’s off topic or rude it will be flagged and deleted. If you criticize Fairphone (device or company) or us moderators in the right place and tone - like you are doing now - then we listen and try to understand your point.

Usually the title and category chosen by the OP.
If someone asks for help with an issue they have their topic should not be cluttered with off-topic criticism (or any other off topic discussions).


That is what I am talking about. You don’t see my point of view. You don’t accept any criticism.
The latest case was just an example. There were many annoying answers from moderators
in the past. Don’t ask me for them. You know, what I mean.
In most cases I criticized the FPOS, and I think, I always did this in the right place. But mostly I
got no usable comment from your (moderators) side.
But when you think, you are always right, this is not the right place for me. I am in many
(mostly linux) forums. But I never found a moderation like here. Moving and deleting posts and
poor excuses. Nothing helpful.

I honestly don’t. I just went through some of your previous topics and what I did find were some posts of yours where I or another moderator replied with a different opinion. Just because we are moderators doesn’t mean we are not allowed to express our opinions and one shouldn’t take them any different than opinions of other forum members.

I honestly don’t understand what you want from us. We are not FP employees so if you are seeking special information you won’t get it from us - we don’t have it.

We are not. We make mistakes and if someone points them out we undo them as best as we can.

I’m not on many forums but I agree that this one may be a bit more moderated than others. We try to keep it tidy by closing or merging duplicate topics, splitting threads that get off-topic and gathering info in #wiki’s.
And I think most people here appreciate the work we do.


I do :+1: .
The amount of work done by the moderators is worth a big round of applause.
Of course, quantity is not the same as quality, but everybody perceives quality subjectively by their own experiences and standards. That will lead to different results, which is fine. I don’t see a case here, others may well do.


I think, you are overdoing with that strict moderation.
I always feel running into a wall.
But it seems, that I am really alone with my point of view.
I stay quiet now.

Youre not ;-) . And no, I wont be able to give a concrete example now either (sorry, I should, I know, but dont have the time to look up things now), but its a certain feeling.

Concerning the double topics: I find it somehow difficult to keep an overview in the forum, as there are so many different topics about different subjects. I do find it, however, already very, very usefull that if there is an good answer to a question, it gets posted on top of the thread, so compliments for that :slight_smile: .


For the record: We are not talking about double posts here, but about a question that was posted literally 4 posts after the same question in that same topic.

I think it can be expected that people read some posts above and at least use the search feature of the forum before they post. In my opinion that’s a matter of taking interest in other people’s thoughts.

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