Forum Log-in not compatible with KeePass anymore


today, I found I could not log in using KeePass anymore, because a nice new interactive element was added in between the username and password fields.

[Yes, I know I can adapt the KeePass login procedure, but I am not willing to do this for every website I have entered there.]

Typically, additional functions such as the one which is inbetween username and password now are placed below the login button and do not interfere with password managers.

Why does forum software change this vital procedure and break established procedures? I think of this a kind of an API that makes my life easier.

Are there any rationales for this change of the interaction design?

Danke & Grüße von nobi

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I’m sorry that an update broke your KeePass login funcion for this forum!
But I assume you should better place your question at as the forum software is “managed” there…


Thanks for the hint, I found a topic there already and added a request to change back:

Danke & Grüße von nobi


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