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When I opened a thread a few minutes ago the forum header (i.e. the “FAIRPHONE Forum” and the hamburger menu) were spinning shortly. They didn’t when I opened other threads before and after.
I remember I saw this once before (a few months ago), but I couldn’t reproduce it.

Anyone an idea what exactly triggers this easter egg? Is that related to some threads, a certain status in my profile or something entirely different?

It also happened to me just some minutes ago. When I opened the forum everything spinned and the colors of the page changed to green and red. It happened again when I opened a thread.
I guess it happened to both of us at the same time so maybe it is not something you can do to profoke it, but rather something the forum does on its own.

It’s called konami code and it’s only supposed to happen if you enter:
up up down down left right left right B A Enter


Woooow! :smiley:

That’s fantastic!

Who the heck thinks of stuff like that when programming.
Love it!!!
And where do you learn of things like that. Are they documented somewhere?

I hate it. On mobile (where I mostly use the forum) it often happens involuntarily and FP1 can’t produce the animations in a smooth way.

Hi Paula, why did I know beforehand that it would be you who knew the answer…? :slight_smile:

However - assuming I still have a rest of mental sanity left - I can definitively rule out the option that I have pressed this key sequence on my FP2 when opening that thread. Or is that konami code triggered for all forum / thread visitors when any of them happens to press this key sequence?

Still a mystery for me…

Haha that would be really chaotic. xD As I said above, on touch devices it often happens involuntarily (instead of B, A and Enter, you just have to tap).

The @moderators know many secrets. :smiling_imp:


Really? I never would have guessed that, as I never accidentally triggered something like this; neither on my smartphone nor on any computer.

Just tried it on my laptop and it actually works. Fascinating…

[quote=“Stefan, post:6, topic:33502”]
On mobile (where I mostly use the forum) it often happens involuntarily[/quote]
Hm… so either another touch-optimized trigger or maybe just an easter-egg with a crack? Taking into account that it also happened to @langga at approximately the same time, probably more the latter.

That would explain why I only saw the spinning header, but not the flickering colors on my FP2 - probably the phone or the browser (Lightning) can’t display that properly.


I also can confirm that I defentitely did not press that key sequence. However I was using a tablet computer, which would explain the phenomenon according to @Stefan.
It is still fascinating though that it happened to two people at the same time.

Lucky guess! :wink: @Douwe unveiled it to us Mods in April and I believe I was the last one who got it.

Yeah I hardly believe it’s a coincident. Since April nobody else seems to have found the Sequence - at least until now searching for “konami code” yielded no results in the public parts of the forum.
Maybe some change to the forum triggered it to go off and you were two of a few people who saw it. According to forum statistics 255 users were visiting yesterday and 92 were online within the last 4 hours - so maybe at that certain point 5 hours ago only a select few were online.

Happens time from time to time on mobile.

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