For sale: FP1 1.edt., still working + FP1 with broken power supply, usable for spare parts


I would like to sell my FP1 that served me for 7 (!!!) years. It is still working well, has a second battery (about 4 yrs old), and signs of usage. The display is totally fine, signs of usage are only on edges and the back side.
Additionally, I sell a second FP1 that stopped working 3 yrs ago. A specialist told me that it is a problem with the power supply (in theory fixable, but he had no spare parts). This phone can be used for spare parts, if wanted.

I would like to sell both phones together, but separate sell is also possible.

If you are interested, just contact me via this forum.

Best regards

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Wow! Congratulations :tada:

Could you post an image of the working FP1 displaying today’s date?


Of course, here we go:

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Maybe it is better to see in this view:

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Hello Jayky,

I’d be interested in buying them. I posted a message last week about wanting to buy one for my husband as the usb port on his FP1 is not reliable, which makes it difficult to charge. I’m still using my FP1 after almost 7 years too and am on my second battery. So the phone for spare parts may well come in use for both my husband and me.

Let me know what price you were thinking of.

Best wishes


Dear Sarah,

I send you a direct message. Hope it was ok, due to I am new here and have to find out how everything’s work :wink:


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