For sale - Fairphone 2 (UK)

Selling my old Fairphone 2 as my Mum upgraded her phone and gave me her ‘old’ one, so FP2 has just been sitting in a drawer.

The battery has been replaced twice, the bottom module once and the case once. The current case has cracks in the bottom two corners (see pics), caused when removing the outer case to insert a SIM card. However, new cases are still available for £18 from Fairphone.

As far as I know it is in full working order, though as I say I haven’t been using it for some time.

Buyer pays postage please (or collection from Todmorden area, OL14).

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It is customary here on the forum to post a picture showing the phone with today’s date on the screen.

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I am in in need of a phone just like yours.
I actually have post here on the forum enquiring for one:

I would cover the post expense for you mailing it to the USA.

Please let me know how much you would like for it.

Regards, George

Hi George,

Ah! Sorry I didn’t see your post, but sounds like this could be a good solution for you. I’ll actually be in Florida next month (12th-25th May) for a conference, so could even post from there.

I was thinking ~£80 as that is what CeX in the UK said they would offer for it.


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Hi Rebecca, if you are willing to do that, I would greatly appreciate it!

Being that you were offered £80 by CeX in the UK, I feel that I would owe you more being that you will be saving me some costs in post form the UK.

How about £90 and I can email you a prepaid label once you are in Florida.

Let me know your thoughts.



Sounds good to me, George. Thanks!

You can email me directly at xx to sort out payment and postage details.

All the best,

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