FM tuner and root access

Hi there,
I just upgraded to FOS 21.03.0r2.
I have loaded SpiritF fromF-Droid to get (real hertzian) FM radio.
I got a message:

ERROR: Root Daemon did not start or stop after 16 seconds.

SpiritF REQUIRES Root and did not get it.
You need to tap System Setting -> About phone -> Build 7 times to enable System Settings-> Developers options.

Then in Developer Options you need to set Root access to Apps or Apps and ADB

Check SuperSU app or System Setting -> Superuser and ensure SpiritF is enabled...

OK. Developers options are enabled and I root access for Apps and ADB (I can’t no more find it today). I have SuperSU instaled.

But I don’t find where I can allow root access to SpiritF.

A hint ?

Witch app do you use for for FM receiving ?


I remember having tried to use SpiritFM on a rooted FP2 under LOS, I didn’t manage to get the app working. I think the problem is on the side of the app.

Thanks to @Alex.A .
It seems that SpiritF would never be updated. According to this issue its creator passed away.

So, my second question was about apps to receive FM on FP2.
Some suggestions ?

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Not really a solution to your issue, but there is an FM Radio app included in LineageOS that works well on my FP2.