FM-radio on FP2, FP1, any of them?

Is there an hardware FM-radio on FP2, FP1, or any of them Fairphones?

I just got the 4, but there are 3 things I really hate:
The navigation bar unswappability, the lack of a separate audio jack and the lack of FM RADIO.
Yes the first one isn’t on FP, and the 2nd is done for green reasons, (but a calculation why Bluetooth is greener would be appreciated), but 3rd one is entirely on FP.

Yes, there are some apps which can replace it, but one can even argue that such a lack is not green, because apps use servers, which use energy, thus increasing CO2 footprint.

Besides, they all have ads, which increase CO2 footprint even more. Also, it’s not as if FP would increase production of those FM radio components at all, we are too small for thàt…

Both the Fairphone 1 (and Fairphone 1U) and the Fairphone 2 do have FM radio hardware. I tried und used FM radio on both devices. For completeness’ sake: You will need to use a wired headphone (as antenna) to use the FM radio on these devices.

On the FP3, it was disputed whether it has FM hardware, but I have never read that anyone got it to work. From all I know, there is no FM radio hardware on the FP4.


Do you mean three-button navigation?
If so, you can change by going to Settings > Gestures > System navigation

Another factor is water ingress.

[Edit] - See also the list of USB-to-jack digital to analogue converters.

Also linked to your third point, lack of FM radio hardware, since as Urs pointed out, headset wires have traditionally been used as the antenna. Personally I would have liked FM radio to be available but I accept that the FP4 is already too big and heavy as it is, and that FM radio is going to be low on priority lists for several reasons. There was a lot of discussion back in the day, I think all the points must have been made …

But if you want to use an old FP2 as a FM radio why not, that would be greenish, if you don’t mind not changing the battery … Oh dear!


@OldRoutard Thanks, but I hate gestures. I would like the Android 7 navbar back, with FOUR buttons. Why developers REMOVE functonality like this, i will never know. It’s not like it is costing them anything to leave it in, i will eat my hat if its costing them maintenance efforts… that’s totally bizarre.

Android never have four buttons, only three: back, home and recent apps (formerly the “menu” button which changed to “recent apps” with newer Android versions). Maybe this was a vendor specific customization. When the meaning of the “menu” button changed to “show recent apps” some vendors implemented both, so you had “menu” and “recent apps” in the navigation bar - but this was never the Android standard. Only very early versions also had a “search” button. But this was removed with Android 4 already.

Also see here:

Google info page about Android 4.4
Google info page about Android 5.0
Google info page about Android 7.0

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I have a Huawei knock off brand, Honor 6x, and the 4th button (#MayThe4th be with you) is the “underwater”-screen, what you get when you pulldown from the top.

Honor uses an own UI (Magic UI), not the stock android version. So ‘the developers’ didn’t remove the fourth button, it was never there.

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